Fast charging vs wireless charging: which is better?

It took a while, but today, wireless charging technologies are present on (almost) all high-end smartphones, and even on some mid-range models. But just because this technology is available for your device doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one for you. Indeed, while wireless charging has a handy side (although not in all situations), fast, wired charging also has a lot more.

What are the benefits of wired charging?

The main advantage of wired charging, compared to wireless charging, is speed. Indeed, at the moment, wireless charging pads do not match the good old cable when it comes to speed.

So if you’re in a rush to get 100% battery, there’s no debating, you can keep using a cable to charge your smartphone, especially if you’ve chosen a Chinese brand like Oppo or Xiaomi that excels in the area of ​​fast charging.

For example, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is compatible with 120 W wired charging which allows you to have a fully charged battery in 20 minutes, according to the manufacturer. Wireless charging, meanwhile, does not exceed 50 W, which means that you will have to be a little more patient to have 100% battery.

On the Oppo Find X5 Pro, wired charging is done at 80W, which allows you to have 50% in 12 minutes, while wireless charging is done at 50W, which requires 47 minutes to have 100% .

And if you care about your energy consumption, or your carbon footprint, also know that wired charging has better energy efficiency (therefore, less energy wasted) compared to wireless charging.

For convenience, wired charging lets you use your device while charging it, while wireless charging (unless you’re using MagSafe on an iPhone) requires you to place your device on a cradle .

Finally, on the financial level, it should be remembered that a new smartphone will be delivered with at least the charging cable. To take advantage of wireless charging, you will need to purchase an accessory separately.

The benefits of wireless charging

Everything therefore suggests that for the moment, wireless charging is not interesting. However, in certain situations, this technology turns out to be much more practical.

Whether you’re in the office or at home, wireless charging means you don’t have to pull out the cable and then plug it back in every time you need your smartphone to make a call or check a notification. For the moment, wireless charging does not replace wired charging, but it can be interesting to use it in certain situations.

Eventually, as the technology improves, this one might become more interesting. For example, thanks to the magnetic attachment of Apple’s MagSafe technology, it is possible to take advantage of wireless charging on an iPhone, while using it. And some manufacturers are already able to offer impressive wireless charging speeds.

You should also know that today, brands of Android smartphones are already inspired by Apple’s MagSafe technology. And as shown by Realme, which has already formalized its wireless charging technology with magnetic attachment, wireless charging can be more convenient for gamers if there is this attachment.

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