Fan gave her thesis to Rosalía in the middle of the Monterrey concert: “It’s about you”

Fan gave her thesis to Rosalía in the middle of the Monterrey concert: "It's about you"
(Photo: Tiktok)

Rosalia He has stolen the hearts of his fans during his concerts in Mexico, to the point where he has approximately 16 Dr. Simi stuffed animals and with great joy he has shown them off in his presentations. But these have not been the only objects that have been thrown at the famous, but one of his followers from Monterrey went further and presented him with his thesis.

It was during the concert she gave last Friday in Monterrey, where suddenly, the singer of hits like Motomami, Saoko either despise He interrupted the presentation to read a poster that one of the attendees was showing.

“It’s about you”read the interpreter extremely stunned and happy.

Thus, after being surprised, he asked his fan what grade they had given him at school for his work and he replied that it was ten.

“Good note, less bad. They have given a good grade to the thesis, is it for me? I love her, I love her”Rosalia said.


is that I love her #motomamiworldtour #monterrey #rosalia


But, while academic research came into his hands, other fans took the opportunity to throw more Simi doctors and even a bag.

When the famous already obtained the thesis, he pointed out: “Well, I would have given it the highest grade already, just for the cover. The cover is a photo of Jorge and I together. Jorge, how strong, is very good photoshopped”, He pointed out to the shouts and laughter of the public.

The clip of the moment quickly went viral in TikTok and the users did not take long to baptize the young man’s work as “la mototesis”.

“I did not like Rosalía, but she is so simple and charming that maybe I will become her fan.” “She is so close that she has us all won, I love her.” “Why is my thesis 120 pages long and yours 20??”. “Thesis is not said, it is said: ‘the sacred writings of the motomamis'”, were some of the comments that appeared on this social network.

Dr. Simi's stuffed animals conquered Rosalía (Photo: Twitter Capture)
Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals conquered Rosalía (Photo: Twitter Capture)

Rosalía sang “Forgive me” by La Factoría

On August 19, Rosalía gave her last presentation in Mexico of the Motomami World Tour and surprised in Monterrey by interpreting one of the most representative songs of The factory: Forgive me.

The moment was shared on TikTok and you can see the young Spanish woman sing this cover of the Panamanian group with great feeling and her distinguished voice. It should be noted that in no other city on his tour Motomami World Tour I had played this theme.


I still can’t get over it 😭 #motomami #motomamitourmadrid #rosalia #parati

♬ original sound – nani

As expected the cover of the singer-songwriter born in San Cugat del Vallés, Spain became a topic of conversation, leaving Internet users stunned who could not attend the concert of the mommy in the Colossus of Reforma.

“Everyone asking for Despecha, and I need this one.” “Rosalia became one of the most complete singers of the moment.” “This song is music history.” “I love her voice, I hope I get this cover.” “And if all together we ask Rosalía to release the studio version?”, are some reactions recovered in the comment box of the publication.

The Spaniard stood out after her visit to Mexico for the overwhelming displays of affection that her fans have shown her and the great attitude that she has shown them.