Fairphone 4, a truly repairable phone? iFixit sliced

Sold among others as a smartphone with exemplary repairability, the Fairphone 4
was waiting to prove it via his iFixit note.

It is now done and it is little to say that the challenge has been met: iFixit gives the smartphone a score of 10/10.

An effort rewarded by iFixit

For several years, Fairphone has been committed to the design of smartphones that are more sustainable and therefore more respectful of the environment. Between traceability of minerals, concern for the quality of life of workers, and repairability, it must be said that the company behind the Fairphone 4 has demonstrated its good faith.


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And for once, the latest addition to the “most repairable smartphones in the world” was awarded a score of 10/10 by iFixit, an online platform evaluating the repairability of electronic devices. It is therefore the third phone of the brand to receive this prestigious note, after the second and the third model of Fairphone. For now, no other company can claim to do so well, let alone Apple and its iPhone 13 Pro rated 5/10.

As a reminder, the Fairphone 4 allows everyone to easily replace end-of-life or out-of-service components. All you need to do is obtain the part to be replaced via the official Fairphone website, open your smartphone and change the element concerned. Obviously, the ease of execution has been designed so that almost anyone can take care of it. The whole thing allows to increase the life of the smartphone and, therefore, not to buy a new one. It’s a fact, the most environmentally friendly smartphone you can have is the one you already have.


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Fairphone also sells various accessories that allow Fairphone owners to easily repair their devices. Fairphone has a portable screen, batteries, camera, speakers.

Source: press release

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