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Facundo confessed that his daughters call him “macho” and criticize his content on television

Facundo confessed that his daughters call him
Facundo was one of the star guests of the most recent broadcast of Netas Divinas (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

For more than 2 decades Esteban Facundo Gomez Bruerabetter known as Facundo He has become one of the most important presenters on national screens due to his time on the two most important television networks in Mexico. TV Azteca and Televisa.

At the beginning of June, the 44-year-old actor also announced between ‘bombs and cymbals’ his triumphant return to the television station that saw him born after he decided to resign in 2016r and joined the ranks of Aztec TV where he was the conductor of various projects such as The Island and My partner can.

After his return to the ranks of the San Ángel television station, the driver who is in charge of Which one is good?has been invited to the diversity of paid and open repertoires offered by Emilio Azcárraga’s company, among them, the flagship program of Unicable, Net Divine with Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magun, Galilea Montijo and Natalia Téllez.

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During his participation in the successful pay television program, the 44-year-old driver recounted a fact that caused great interest in the top level of female drivers, as he confessed that when he fights with his daughters, they point out his past mistakes and They remind him of all the “machista” and “racist” characters that he has presented in more than a decade on Mexican screens.

My children claim me from my past programs, they stay forever. In other words, the discussions with my daughters end in: ‘at least I don’t live off of a misogynistic, sexist, racist, homophobic character’he highlighted.

The also histrionic father of a son and two daughters, said he was very proud of the latter for being avid followers of the feminist movement in Mexico: “They are very active in those things, they go to all the marches”, remarked the former presenter of programs such as Incognito, Shift and Parodiandeither.

Later, Esteban Facundo Gómez Bruera, better known as Facundo, stated that after his return to Televisa has been betting on innovating its content as new audiences demand it, since it is important to mention that the host has been criticized on more than one occasion for its characters branded as “misogynists” and who denigrate certain sectors of the population.

I’m in Which one is good?, is that this program does not have evil like that, I no longer say rudeness, that is, there are no nudes. There is no racism, there is no misogyny, there are no stains”, he highlighted.

To end, Facundo shared that this internal change in his content is largely due to the “good image” he wants to leave for his children: “It’s fine because my children already watch my programs, so I already have to be a good example for them, before I didn’t have children, so I did stupid things,” he stressed in Divine Net.

Facundo talked about his time on TV Azteca and his return to Televisa Photo: Instagram/@facufacundo
Facundo talked about his time on TV Azteca and his return to Televisa Photo: Instagram/@facufacundo

In the context of its new content, recently Facundo was invited in the same way to the program of Unicable, Faisy Nights conducted by Faisy and Mariana Echeverría where he spoke of his time in Aztec TV and his return to Televisaas well as the independence that they have granted him to handle his recent program at will Which one is good?

It should be remembered that the news of his return to Televisa was exclusively revealed during the program today in an interview with the presenters of the morning, there Facundo He explained that the San Ángel company offered him total creative freedom to produce his new project as he saw fit.

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