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Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ and other location features will be gone

Facebook's 'Nearby Friends' and other location features will be gone

Goalarray of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebookhas begun to inform users of the blue social network that at the end of May it will suspend some of its location-based services, including, Nearby Friends.

‘Friends nearby’ is an optional service, launched in 2014, which is used to receive notifications when a user’s contacts are nearby by tracking your location.

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As the site has been able to verify 9toMac, users have started receiving notifications from Facebook that ensure that The ‘Nearby Friends’ feature will be discontinued on May 31 for iOS and Android in which it is detailed that this tool will stop working on May 31.

In turn, Facebook has indicated that other experiences such as weather alerts and location history will also disappear later this month. Facebook will discontinue the ‘Nearby Friends’ feature at the end of the month. With this, he indicated that users will be able to access and download location history until August 1 this year in order to store your information. Thereafter, the app will delete this data.

Finally, the company has underlined that will continue to collect location data from users “for other experiences” and that this tracking can be disabled from the Privacy Settings section of the application.

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Meta will have its first physical store focused on the Metaverse

Goalthe parent company of Facebookyou don’t just want to sell your virtual reality headset, video chat devices and online data glasses. Now, the company of mark zuckerberg wants people to try the products in a physical store.

Meta announced that it will open its first retail store on May 9. The 1,550-square-foot space will be located on the social network’s campus in Burlingame, California, in the United States, where staff will focus on metaversevirtual worlds where people can work, play and socialize.

The opening underscores the tech giant’s seriousness in developing consumer hardware and taking on the likes of Google Y Manzanawhich also have physical stores.

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Even so, products such as virtual reality headsets and smart glasses that allow access to these virtual spaces have not yet caught on.

Meta hopes that as more people try the technologywill understand why Zuckerberg believes that the metaverse is the successor of the Internet mobile.

“Once people experience the technology, they can better appreciate it. If we did our job well, people should go away and tell their friends: ‘You have to go see the Meta Store,’” he explained. Martin Gilliardhead of the Meta Store, in a statement.

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The store will offer products such as Meta’s first smart glasses with RayBanwhich allow you to take photos and videos of 30 seconds.

People can also visit Facebook’s video chat devices called Portal, which have grown in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, you can try out the company’s latest VR headsets, quest 2, and people can play titles like Beat Saber, Golf Plus, Real VR Fishing, and Supernatural on the device. A curved wall-to-wall LED display shows what you see in virtual reality. The Meta Store will be open Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm It is located at 322 Airport Blvd.

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