Facebook indicates that no ‘Oculus Quest Pro’ this year

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Andrew Bosworth, Facebook Reality Labs’ vice president, gave more hints about the capabilities of Oculus hardware going forward. In an audio Q&A with John Carmack on Twitter Spaces, Bosworth suggested that while last year’s Quest 2 will last for a while, the company is working on a headset with more functionality. He clears that there will be no  Oculus Quest Pro this year.

Bosworth said in Twitter space that People are asking about the new quest, which doesn’t exist yet, to those who are listening to us as reporters; there’s no Quest 3 now and later this year, just Quest 2″. “But I told WADA about Oculus Quest Pro earlier this year because we have a lot of things under development and we hope to launch some new features in the headphones according to the theory that people want to introduce. Distance thing. It won’t happen this year yet.”

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“For those people who are curious, Quest 2 will be on the market for a long time,” Bosworth continued. “Also, I think this will be the best option for the easiest way to get into virtual reality and have an excellent experience.”

The discussion was particularly directed because Facebook announced last week that the first title for the Quest 2 headset, Resident Evil 4 VR, will not run on the original Quest. Although the hardware of Quest 2 is very strong than its predecessor, this announcement may make owners of both headsets cautious about long-term support from Facebook.

Why no Oculus Quest Pro this year?

Carmack, who now serves as Facebook’s CTO of Consulting, said he “only supports Quest 2 exclusive sales, but believes there is still a sizeable market for Quest 1 users so no Oculus Quest Pro for now” Bosworth agreed. You know you released seven additional potential users who could buy your software; when you get the software, it is a big problem.

“The official answer is that Oculus Quest Pro is not coming and we can eventually allow developers who really have high-end applications to target Quest 2 only, but our very strong recommendation is to support both at the same time. This is really what we expect to happen according to the rules. historical things. ” He added that this shows that the virtual reality situation in “Resident Evil 4” may not be widespread at this time.

Article source: The Verge

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