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Facebook data leaked: Over 530 million Facebook user’s data went viral

facebook data leaked, 530 million user data leaked

In terms of data and privacy, we have absolutely no time to relax. The difficulty of maintaining database security and the ease with which we post information online every day, intentionally or unintentionally, will certainly not promote our digital identity’s safety. Facebook data leaked has “lost” 533 million data pieces in the last few hours.

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The massive amount of Facebook user’s data include phone numbers, personal information, personal data, emails, etc. Just thinking about your country. If we talk about Italy alone, 37 million pieces of data were stolen. In fact, more than 50% of the population, even counting fake accounts, considering children and the elderly, we can almost think that all Italians who have registered on Facebook are now on the “black network.”


Which of Your Data is leaked?

This is the most significant privacy violation in history. Unfortunately, the data is available for download and is authentic. The downloadable file contains the first name, last name, Facebook ID, and phone number used to retrieve the password. The Facebook data leaked also consist of other information that depends on each account’s level of privacy.

Paradoxically, in Facebook data leaked, there can be a residential address, marital status, workplace, and all friendships. It may also have more data that can reproduce almost complete personal information. Depending on what happens, the Facebook user’s data will come from a security breach that Facebook will close in 2019, but clearly, it is allowed to download millions of data that has been exploited in the last two years (so it is not new), and then finally do it in Free Dark Web Downloaded.

The database also appears to be used to create Telegram bots capable of performing the following tasks:

Giving a person’s phone number after pointing out a person’s first and last name or obtaining personal data by specifying a phone number. It is not yet clear that its consequences will occur on a global scale. Obviously, for our market, the guarantors of privacy will have to intervene quickly, but it is clear that whether you want data or not, you can now find it online.


Article Source: HdBlog.it

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