Facebook changes its name to Meta: Mark Zuckerberg makes it official

The social media group Facebook changes its name. As already announced, company founder Mark Zuckerberg presented the new name yesterday: “Meta” will henceforth be called the company.

As expected, the name change only affects the name of the group itself. The social network Facebook will continue to use its brand. However, it makes perfect sense to introduce a differentiation option, since several other subsidiaries such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus are grouped under the umbrella of the Facebook group, which have only limited relationships with one another.


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Meta is now supposed to function as a similar umbrella brand, as Alphabet is doing on Google. Zuckerberg also hopes that this will result in a stronger focus on his Metaverse vision. This includes a not yet completely clear picture from virtual reality environments and a larger association of various communication platforms. Ultimately, Metaverse is a further development of Zuckerberg’s original plans to one day be the most important player in digital communication for all people worldwide.

Why did Facebook change its name?

“We are currently seen as a social media group, but actually we are a company that connects people,” said Zuckerberg. Ultimately, this means that the group as a whole should no longer be equated with the large social network as much as before. Because there is currently hardly any public distinction between the Facebook group and the Facebook platform.

The latter is of course also due to the image of the social network. With relatively few users, this is considered a particularly progressive future project. For many users it looks more like that, although you can’t avoid it, you don’t open the Facebook app with excitement and enthusiasm either. Younger users are more and more often unable to find their way onto the platform in the first place. This is of course a bad prerequisite for starting forward-looking projects under the same name.

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