Face ID under the iPhone 13 display: Touch ID come back off the table?

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Despite possible sub-display solutions, the iPhone 13 (Pro) expected in autumn should not have an additional fingerprint sensor. According to forecasts, Apple is likely to move further away from Touch ID and focus on Face ID in iPhone 13.

In the rumor mill, there has been extensive talk about a possible comeback of Touch ID technology within the iPhone flagships and it is very likely that the technology of fingerprint readers hidden under the screen is also being investigated in the Apple laboratories. The often well-informed Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman (via MacRumors) does not assume that the Californian manufacturer will expand this year’s lineup to that effect. And anyway, a return seems questionable.


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Face ID under the display is more likely

According to Gurman, a so-called under-display fingerprint reader is “out of the question” for Apple. The ultimate goal of the company should be to optimize facial recognition via Face ID in iPhone 13 and to position it almost invisibly under the display in the near future. With the introduction of the iPhone 13 (Pro), the associated notch at the top of the screen should initially only be reduced in size instead of disappearing entirely. Manufacturers such as Samsung, on the other hand, are already showing the first series-ready results of suitable under-display cameras (UDC).

There are currently only three devices in Apple’s portfolio that work with the once distinctive home button including Touch ID technology. In addition to the iPhone SE, only the iPad Mini and the cheaper entry-level iPad are equipped with these. With the iPad Air, Apple took a middle ground, waived the Face ID in iPhone 13 after an upgrade, and instead relied on Touch ID recognition within the power switch. The alternative placement of the technology thus seems to have already been predefined.


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