F-SIM Space Shuttle: Have you ever landed a space shuttle?

The space shuttle made space flight a little more sustainable – because for the first time it was possible to reuse a vehicle for manned space travel. In the USA in the 1980s, the space shuttle was almost more famous than its pilots: inside. Since there is currently a pretty cool free simulator for iOS, today everything revolves around the iconic “shuttle”.

  • F-SIM Space Shuttle is currently free – otherwise costs € 2.99
  • Simulates different approaches for landing the space shuttle
  • Only for iOS – and unfortunately only available in English


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The mobile game “F-SIM” is currently free for iOS. A flight simulator in which you have to land the iconic space shuttle. You can enjoy beautiful graphics on your iPad or iPhone, and according to the description, realistic calculations of flight physics should not be neglected with F-SIM.

  • Download F-SIM Space Shuttle for iOS

Unfortunately, the game is only available in English. This is a minor drawback, but it is realistic at the same time – English is the predominant language in space travel and air travel. At the same time, it is a little complicated because you should know a few aviation terms. But in my opinion the download is worth it for the reason that you play a game with nice graphics.

Is it worth downloading “F-SIM Space Shuttle”?

Basically, the game starts with your first landing approach. When I tried it out, I was a little disappointed that there is only the landing approach. After a brief thought, however, it occurred to me: The space shuttle had been carrying piggyback on rockets or other aircraft into space since the 1970s. So there wouldn’t be much to simulate here. For this, you can adjust the landing approaches in many details.

F SIM screenshot 01
Take a seat, because there is enough space in the shuttle. / © Apple

The control takes place via movements with your iOS device and so you slowly sail towards the runway. I thought it was a bit of a shame that things like the parachute to break the shuttle or the landing gear cannot be extended manually. In addition to countless flight conditions, errors or incidents can also be simulated. Really cool!


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Is it safe to download F-SIM Space Shuttle?

Except for crashes in the simulator, you don’t have to worry about dangers when downloading F-SIM. The app does not require you to access the camera or microphone and you do not have to create an account with personal data. F-SIM is rated 4.5 stars from 138 reviews and there is also a data protection declaration.

F SIM screenshot 02
You don’t see much at night. the aircraft can still land. / © Apple

This informs you that the app connects to the webserver every 6 hours in order to display new news in the app. In addition, some metadata such as your device or your operating system are sent to the developer “SkyTale Software”. If you want to save repetitions, you also have to grant access to your memory.


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