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Extend your battery life with this little-known Google Chrome setting

Google Chrome 108 now includes a power saving mode, although its activation must be done via flags for the moment. Find out how to enable this hidden feature and save your battery life.

An energy saving mode integrated into Google Chrome 108

The Google Chrome web browser is the most popular for many reasons, but it is also known to be resource and power hungry. Every open tab and active extension helps reduce battery life. Previously, you had to resort to various tricks to get around this problem. Now, with version 108 of Google Chrome, a power saving mode is integrated and accessible to advanced users.

According to How-To-Geek, Google rolled out this new feature in Chrome 108. When you enable power saver mode, Chrome preserves your battery by minimizing its background activity, visuals, and refresh rate. It is therefore possible that animations and scrolling are less fluid and that Chrome is slightly slower. However, this may be an acceptable compromise for those who want to extend their battery life.

How to enable power saving mode in Chrome 108

To enable this feature, you must first update Chrome to version 108 (or later). If not, you can force the update by clicking the three little dots in the upper right corner, then Help > About Google Chrome. Click Restart once Chrome installs the update.

Then, you must activate the option via the flags page. Google launches its new experimental features via flags when they are not sufficiently advanced for the general public, but they are generally functional and usable by experienced users. It is important to note that changing these settings can greatly affect the behavior of your browser and its data.

  • Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Click on the field Search flags and type battery to find Enable the battery saver mode feature in the settings (#battery-saver-mode-available).
  • Click on Defaultchange to Enabled and finally click on Relaunch to restart the browser.
  • Once Chrome is open again, go to Settings and click on the Performance tab to find the Energy Saver option.

In the Energy Saver settings, you have two options:

  • Enable power saver only when the battery level is 20% or less.
  • Enable power saver when the computer is unplugged.

An extension cord icon to manage the energy saver

Once activated, the energy saving feature appears as an extension cord icon in the browser menu bar. From here you cannot switch between different power saving modes, but you can turn this feature off completely. This can be handy if you no longer need it and want to return to normal Chrome performance.

For the moment, it is difficult to precisely measure the effectiveness of this energy saving mode in preserving autonomy. However, it’s worth a try if you’re looking to extend your battery life on your laptop a little more.

In summary, Google Chrome 108 finally offers an option to help preserve battery life by limiting certain browser features. Although this feature is not yet available directly in the settings and must be activated via the flags, it represents an interesting step forward for users concerned about preserving their battery.

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