Explained ending of ‘Nobody will save you’: the alien invasion that sweeps streaming

[Este artículo contiene spoilers de Nadie te salvará]

Between horror and sci-fi, no one will save you has gone ahead of the Halloween celebration, becoming one of the most successful titles in streaming. This curious alien invasion of Earth and the confrontation of Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), its solitary protagonist, against beings from outer space have convinced an audience in love with the construction of a creepy story without dialogue and the presentation of an ending cooked over low heat, awakening unknowns among a certain part of the public.

In the outcome of no one will save you, Brynn is trapped by aliens, who initially introduce a parasite into his body to break his will. A moment in which he begins to have hallucinations of what his perfect life would be like today, with Maude and her mother by her side, which he finally discards, knowing that it is a farce.

The protagonist removes the parasite herself, who is then transformed by a spaceship into a clone of himself. An unexpected duplicate who tries to hunt her down and end her life with stabs, but whom she kills herself. However, The aliens do not let the thing stay there and finally abduct the young woman in their flying saucer.

A warrior Brynn: from abduction to redemption in ‘No One Will Save You’

Up high, Brynn is analyzed by otherworldly beings, who discover through a series of flashbacks that the protagonist accidentally murdered, in a fit of rage, her friend Maude. This was what caused the hatred of her friend’s parents and the town of Mill River, who see her as a very dangerous weirdo. The consequences of a major childhood mistake that caused her to hide away from everyone in her own world. A location where she reflects the ideal life she would like to have through the models, while she prepares herself by buying pretty clothes and practicing dances that she hopes to be able to put into practice.

Finally, The aliens, either moved by this scene or seeing Brynn’s softer and more repentant side, decide to return her to her home. There we see the protagonist, who is clearly her due to her bruises, on a new planet colonized by people with parasites inside them or directly being clones that coexist in harmony and peace.

‘No one will save you’

So, as if it were one of his models, Brynn dresses up to end the film dancing among those neighbors who never loved her and now embrace her as one of them. A truly redemption from a cruel and tragic act that had haunted him all his life, leaving their traumas behind to look to the future.

An interpretation of the outcome that would have been confirmed by the director himself in an interview for Inverse. “I know some people will be wondering if she’s dead or asleep or something. I think there is material that suggests this, but for Brynn’s character it is a genuine experience that she has had.“, clarified Brian Duffield.

These words would also go in tune with the notes provided by the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Director of The Pan’s Labyrinth went one step further in his analysis of what happened in the outcome of no one will save you, even relating it to the role of religion in the lives of believers. “There is an essential principle in Catholic dogma (hence, you can choose to refute it or embrace it) that serves as a narrative backbone: grace and salvation arise from pain and suffering. It is in this passage where you find salvation“, Del Toro pointed out about this outcome, when talking about the liberation that facing her past meant for Brynn. One of the most sensitive, delicate and unexpected outcomes in current cinema.

End of 'No One Will Save You'
End of ‘No One Will Save You’

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