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Apple: This is how expensive the new iPhone 13 could be

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Prices are seeping through from China for the Apple iPhone 13 and the other models in the range. Higher chip prices and a new storage option could make for the most expensive iPhone of all time.

  • The largest storage option 1 TB makes for the most expensive iPhone Pro Max
  • MyDrivers is forecasting a price above € 1,800
  • Idealo expects the iPhone 13 to fall in price by up to 15 percent in the first four months

We are in September and therefore in the very hot phase just before the launch of the new iPhones. We expect iPhone 12 release on September 14th and will of course report extensively for you. In the rumors about the iPhone 13, you can read that we can hope for a storage capacity that has grown to 1 TB, at least in the Pro models. This storage option will probably lead to the most expensive iPhone that the Cupertino-based company has ever offered.

iPhone 13 Pro Max for more than € 1,800?

The Chinese site MyDrivers has now published prices that are expected for the new iPhone models on the Chinese market. It would start at 5,499 yuan for the 64 GB version of the iPhone 13 Mini. Converted that would correspond to about 718 €, whereby you have to assume that the prices in this country are higher. So assume that the entry-level model will be available again for € 799.

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According to these figures, the regular iPhone 13 will cost from 6,299 yuan (equivalent to just under € 823). According to these sources, the most expensive model would be the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a whopping terabyte of storage for 14,099 yuan. Converted, this results in a current price of € 1,841.41. It would logically be the most expensive iPhone that Apple would have ever expected of its fans. In the table, you can see all assumed Chinese prices, next to the current iPhone 12 models, also with prices (RRP).

Apple iPhone prices

Estimated iPhone 13 Prices vs iPhone 12 Prices

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Model: expected price: Model: Price:
Apple iPhone 13 mini 64 GB: 5499 yuan – € 718
128 GB: 5,999 yuan – € 783
256 GB: 6799 yuan – € 887
Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

64 GB: € 799
128 GB: € 849
256 GB: € 969
Apple iPhone 13 64 GB: 6299 yuan – € 822
128 GB: 6799 yuan – € 887
256 GB: 7599 yuan – 992 €
Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12

64 GB: € 899
128 GB: 949 €
256 GB: € 1069
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB: 8499 yuan – 1109 €
512 GB: 10,499 yuan – € 1,370
1TB: 13,299 yuan – € 1,736
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro

128 GB: 1149 €
256 GB: 1269 €
512 GB: 1499 €
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB: 9299 yuan – 1214 €
512 GB: 11,299 yuan – € 1,475
1TB: 14,099 yuan – € 1,841
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

128 GB: 1249 €
256 GB: 1369 €
512 GB: 1599 €

Keep in mind that these are of course not yet officially confirmed prices and we cannot foresee how high the premium will be for our market. According to these sources, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be 367 euros more expensive if you treat yourself to twice the size instead of the version with 512 GB of memory. If we were to add this 367 euros to the price of the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max to date, we would even come out at 1,966 euros!

As I said: We are still hard on the subjunctive here and can only partially deduce from assumed Chinese prices what that means for our prices. But whoever opts for the top model with the best possible features will pay more than ever before for an Apple cell phone. Just as a small addition to these speculations: With the iPad Pro, Apple can pay for the jump from the 512 GB model to the 1 TB model with an extra charge of 440 euros.

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Expected price development for the iPhone 13: it pays to wait

You don’t have much time to save on the new models, of course, but you don’t have to buy them on the first day either. On the contrary: If you can wait a few months, you can also hope for falling prices for the expensive iPhone 13, which are much more stable than their Android counterparts. The shopping and comparison platform idealo has dared to predict what the price developments for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max could look like.

idealo forecast iPhone13 generation
The prices of the iPhone 13 series are going downwards – according to the idealo forecast / © idealo

For the forecast, idealo has assumed the prices of the iPhone 12, i.e. starting with 799 euros for the iPhone 13 Mini. to forecast. Based on previous models, the analysis calculated a possible price drop for the upcoming iPhone 13. Anyone who can wait up to four months to buy can hope for a price drop of 15 percent, depending on the model.


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These 15 percents are expected for the iPhone 13 Mini, so that after three months on the market it could fall below the limit of 700 euros. With the iPhone 13, a price drop of 10 percent would be possible after four months. According to the forecast, the Pro model could also become 10 percent cheaper within four months. After half a year and a decrease of around 160 euros, the cheapest iPhone 13 Pro would then even be expected below the thousand euro mark.

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idealo forecast iPhone13 Pro
The iPhone 13 Pro is worth waiting a few months / © idealo

Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is expected to save 130 euros after four months, or 190 euros after six months. If you can wait a year, you can get the device for less than € 1,000 instead of € 1,249. As with the leaked prices above, it is also true here that the actual price development may differ from the forecast.

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Finally the question in the round: Which new model do you personally have in mind and how much would you be willing to pay for the expensive iPhone 13? Would it be an option for you to wait a few months yourself in order to save a few euros – or does the fanboy/fangirl in you force you to strike immediately? Let us know in the comments!


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