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Excel templates to keep personal finances and not exceed expenses

How to organize personal expenses with excel

Although the program Excel It has been massively used in offices for business purposes, it can also be used at home when it comes to keeping personal accounts and other types of expenses.


In addition, with the multiple tools it offers and with the help of a few templates, it will not be a difficult task to keep your home finances organized. with this software and save them on the computer or directly in the cloud.

Personal expense control templates

Excel templates to keep personal finances. (photo: Excel Total)
Excel templates to keep personal finances. (photo: Excel Total)

Sometimes keeping track of personal expenses on a monthly basis can be complicated, there are even people who still do it with paper and pencil, opening the possibility for some important data to escape, and it is not uncommon to find yourself at the end of the month ask yourself “what did I spend that money on that day from the ATM”.

With this template you will be able to keep track of all the transactions and payments made in the month, it will also allow you to organize the data by categories. It is available for download at the following link:

Savings Plan Template


Normally people are interested in keeping track of their personal expenses when they have decided to set a goal to save for some reason, it can be a trip or the purchase of a home. For this reason, it would be worthwhile not only to use a template that helps control personal finances but also that allows monitoring of periodic savings.

With this template you will be able to take the sum of money saved each month, know the time remaining to complete the objective and calculate how much must be compensated from one date to another if that is the case. This is the link to download it:

Template for income and expenses

Personal income templates in Excel (Photo: YouTube Yoney Gallardo)
Personal income templates in Excel (Photo: YouTube Yoney Gallardo)

This is similar to the first on the list but its difference is that it allows you to account for the expenses made in a certain period of time and calculate it with the expectation registered in the Excel sheet. Something that can be very useful when there are limits in personal finances. The following is the download link:

Christmas expense template

Expenses in December can get out of control because between possible trips, dinners, family gatherings and Christmas gifts, money can vanish from your hands, but this does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to the most fun time of the year for many .

This template was specially designed for the end of the year festivities, in it you can register the amount of incoming money and establish a spending limit for gifts or other matters, in this way, no one will exceed it. This is the link for download:

How to import the templates into Excel

Import templates to Excel. (photo: hiTechMV)
Import templates to Excel. (photo: hiTechMV)

1. Open the Microsoft Excel application on the computer.

2. Select blank book.

3. In the toolbar click on “File”.

4. Select the open tab.

5. Click Browse.

6. Find the template to import in the download destination folder.

With these steps, the template will be inserted as part of the new document and it will be ready to add or change values ​​according to your own needs.


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