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Excel Live will allow you to share and edit documents online with other colleagues in Microsoft Teams

Excel Live.  (photo: WWWhat's New)
Excel Live. (photo: WWWhat’s New)

In the early 2000s, microsoft launched the service Xbox Live so that users can play with all their friends remotely while communicating via chat. Now, twenty years later, they have adapted to the aging of their original fan base. For this reason, the company presented its new Excel Live service as one of the tools that allows you to work online with colleagues, wherever they are.

These new services will be integrated into the platform Microsoft Teams. Any reader want to share one of your awesome spreadsheets with a colleague? Well you will be able to do this even during a video call in the company’s service.

However, “seeing” is not the only thing participants can do; Excel Live also allows people edit any field in the document as if they were in the same room.

With PowerPoint Live, a service they introduced in 2021, the same thing happens. Not only can you show your slides to other colleagues, but you can also allow them to modify, add and delete elements.

More details about Excel Live and other services

These services will not be available until next month. As noted, Excel Live will be released in public preview at end of August. Of course, if you want to use it, a Microsoft Teams account will be required and a group of colleagues willing to use the platform to share content.

However, they will only be able to edit the document via the web version of Excel. However, if you are a company or have access to a subscription to Microsoft 365 for the home, you will be able to access materials that have been used over time.

“Until now, sharing spreadsheets in a Teams meeting has been a pretty one-sided experience. You share a file and everyone else watches while you make updates. But what if your group could use that meeting time to get work done together?

During his presentation at the annual Inspire conference, Microsoft presented a video of how this new service works. In addition to serving as a brief introduction to the new method, it also provides instructions for getting started as soon as it is available.

Viva Engage, the Facebook of Teams

Viva Engage was also announced during the launch. According to the company introduction, will be a version of Facebook adapted to work.

Like Excel Live, Viva Engage will also have its initial launch at the end of August and its visuals are also very reminiscent of Facebook, although it is heavily integrated with the Yammer platform that Microsoft bought about 10 years ago.

“Viva Engage will continue to display the same network, home feed, and communities currently seen in Yammer. All content created in Yammer.com or on mobile, including community conversations, story posts, and stories, will be viewable on Viva Engage. Also, content created in Engage will be displayed in native Yammer experiences.

Long live Engage.  (photo: Microsoft Teams)
Long live Engage. (photo: Microsoft Teams)

Other Microsoft Teams news

In addition, other functions were also presented at the Microsoft conference. Among them was the arrival of Video Clips in Microsoft Teams, a version of Snapchat which originated in Redmond.

With this function, you will be able to record, send and watch short videos to your colleagues. With the push of a button, you can transmit the necessary information to those who need it, and the recipient can play it as many times as he wants.

On the other hand, there are the Collaborative Annotations (or collaborative annotations). With these, Microsoft offers its whiteboard service, where you can use a variety of tools to draw, write, and react to all participants in a team call.

Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on improving its services telecommuting. After all, pausing has found to be a more effective and practical method (for some people), to continue collaborating on their articles without having to leave the safe zone of their security.

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