EVGA Queue 3.0: yes, now it’s a skill to avoid scalping

EVGA today unveils a new queue system called “Queue 3.0”, the main purpose of which is to favor its most loyal customers.

Responding to very specific criteria, this system should allow registered customers to purchase EVGA products more quickly while tending to limit the possibilities of scalping.

Loyalty above all

In the previous release, “Queue 2.0”, the order in an EVGA queue was determined only by the time and date the customer requested to be notified of the product’s availability. Version 3.0 now offers everyone a 24-hour window during which the customer has the choice to finalize his purchase or not.

A customer’s position in a queue is primarily determined by their “EVGA score”. This data is mainly based on the loyalty of the customer in question, who must also have an EVGA account. The score is based in particular on the frequency of purchase or the total amount spent on EVGA products since the creation of the account, and it is updated at the beginning of each month.


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Other secondary criteria are also taken into account, such as once again the time and date the customer requested to be notified. Finally, and this is an important point, the system checks if the customer has already purchased a graphics card on the site – the purpose of the queues being to allow as many users as possible to get their hands on a precious GPU.

An advantageous queue, but under conditions!

All loyal customers wishing to take advantage of the EVGA Queue 3.0 queue process will have to comply with all the membership conditions indicated on the repository site and of course activate notifications from the brand. Note that a client can only have two active notifications at a time, and that these notifications will be limited to one per GPU. Customers with “ELITE” status will have early access to products for 24 hours upon release.

The company has announced that its most anticipated products for the year 2022 and all to come afterward will use the Queue 3.0 system. Customers who already have products in Queue 2.0 will remain there unless they remove the products from their notifications and renew their process.

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