Everything we know about ‘Sister Death’, the prequel to ‘Veronica’ on Netflix: premiere, images, cast…

At a time when The Nun II is captivating the public, who has elevated it as one of the most successful horror titles of this year, Paco Plaza prepares the disembarkation of Sister Death on Netflix. The prequel to Veronica It is one of the platform’s great bets on Spanish cinema, led by one of the filmmakers who have become one of the great masters of national horror.

In the wake of the best genre cinema with his participation in the franchise [REC] and his works in famous films such as Romasanta: The hunt for the beast and The grandmother, Paco Plaza will inaugurate the 56th edition of the Sitges Festival with Sister Death. A golden opportunity to a film that promises to become a hit on Netflixand which has finally shared its release date and a first trailer.

‘Sister Death’: Synopsis

The prequel to Veronicawhose script is written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria (The Day of the Beast, Who kills with iron), takes us to post-war Spain. Sister Death recovers the character of Narcisa, the blind nun from the original film, who now presents herself as a young novice with supernatural powers in her job as a teacher at a girls’ school. This school has been built on an old convent, and shortly after it arrives, disturbing paranormal phenomena will begin to occur.

Poster for ‘Sister Death’, the prequel to ‘Veronica’ on Netflix

On this occasion, The film moves away from the true story present in Veronicawhere we knew about the event that hit Estefanía Gutiérrez in the Vallecas Case, who after playing with a Ouija board at her nun’s school began to experience a series of unusual experiences. Finally, the woman from Madrid suffered an attack of catalepsy on July 14, 1991 and she ended up dying in the hospital.

In November 1992, his parents contacted the police to report the paranormal phenomena that were taking place in their home, becoming the first and only police report in Spain that includes paranormal events. A story that was addressed in Veronica and that now you will see this spooky universe expanded with Sister Death.

‘Sister Death’: Release date

Netflix announced that the release date of Sister Death It will be next October 27, taking advantage of the proximity of the All Saints’ Day and Halloween festivities. A release that will arrive after its world premiere in the Sitges Festivalwhere it will have the honor of being presented as the opening film of the 56th edition, next October 5th.

‘Sister Death’: Cast

The inescapable link is the character of Narcisa, who is in both films, but there are also small winks and references for the viewer who has seen Veronica. Now, the character is played, in the younger version of her, by Aria Bedmar [acompañada de Almudena Amor y Maru Valdivielso]”, Paco Plaza confessed to CINEMANÍA.

In this way, the main role falls into the hands of the actress Aria Bedmarthe actress known for her appearances in the series The silence, The heirs of the Earth either Acacias 38. The young woman will be very well accompanied by Almudena Love (The grandmother)Maru Valdivielso (who also appeared in Veronica) and Consuelo Trujillo (who played the original blind nun), among other cast members.

‘Sister Death’: First images

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