Home Entertainment Everything we know about ‘Beetlejuice 2’: release date, synopsis, cast and characters

Everything we know about ‘Beetlejuice 2’: release date, synopsis, cast and characters

Everything we know about 'Beetlejuice 2': release date, synopsis, cast and characters

After years of uncertainty about the sequel to beetlejuicewhich was titled in Spain as Bitelchus, Warner Bros. has announced the start of its production these weeks. The company has confirmed the release date of the film, that will add to your casting to the scream queen Jenna Ortega as one of its main characters.

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He Tim Burton classic it achieved more than 74 million dollars in 1989, becoming one of the great highlights in the career of the North American filmmaker. A film that was his first collaboration with an unrecognizable michael keaton, with whom I would work again later in Batman (1989).

‘Bettlejuice 2’: release date

Warner Bros. has announced that the sequel to beetlejuice will be released in the US on September 6, 2024so it could reach the whole world at the end of that same year or at the beginning of 2025. A film that could delay its production due to the current American writers’ strike, which has affected films from other companies such as Bladethe new Marvel project.

‘Beetlejuice 2’: Synopsis

It is unknown what will happen in the new film, although everything points to the return of Winona Ryder (stranger things) in the role of Lydia Deetz, who could become another of the main characters of the title. The great protagonist who will join Jenna Ortega (scream, X) as his daughter.

The The first movie ended with Beetlejuice trying to marry Lydia to wreak havoc on the world., but was stopped in extremis by her parents, Adam and Barbara. A fact that could be repeated this time with the daughter of the original protagonist, thus taking revenge on those who stopped her evil plans in the past.

Burton is expected to return to the director’s chair to reflect his markedly sinister and gothic imprint, and more after his successful participation in the series. Wednesday, in which he was already working with Jenna Ortega. the script of beetlejuice 2 will be written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who were also in charge of the script for the Netflix series.

‘Beetlejuice 2’: cast and characters

In addition to the return of Winona Ryder and the inclusion of Jenna Ortega in the cast, Deadline also reported on the return of Michael Keaton (birdman) as Beetlejuice. A terrifying, rude and hilarious character introduced in the original film as a deceased who lives in the non-world, where he works as an exorcist of the living and helps the dead drive the living out of their homes.

The last to join the casting has been Justin Theorux (The Leftovers), who will be introduced to the role of a character that has not yet been revealed. At the moment it is unknown if other of the original characters, such as Adam (Alec Baldwin) or Barbara (Geena Davis), will join the film.

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