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Everyone’s crazy about Apple’s refurbished: here’s the best iPhone to buy TODAY

In these hours we learn a very particular piece of news: it seems that by now everyone is crazy about “the iPhones reconditioned”. The devices of Apple in fact, in the “certified used” market they represent 50% of total sales in the sector.

We all know that the Cupertino OEM is one of the leading phone brands in the world. His products sell very well in all countries, even if it must be admitted, they cost a lot. Thanks to the refurbished market, many users have been able to buy not exactly latest generation apple devices at acceptable prices. Smartphones from Apple in fact, they keep their value high over the years and above all, they always work well even after a long time.

What’s the best iPhone to buy today?

According to Counterpoint Research data, we find that Apple accounted for almost half of the sales within the refurbished market; everyone seems to be “crazy about iPhones,” with 49% shares in the industry. There is no other phone brand that has achieved a similar result.

Counterpoint Research

Secondly, from the report we see that there has been an annual growth of 16% on this sector for the iPhone manufacturer, in general, we see that the entire refurbished sector has recorded an increase in shipments of 5%.

But which will be the best refurbished iPhone to buy today, perhaps on Amazon? We report you iPhone 11 Pro (in excellent condition) and in night green colour. Delivery is €6.90 and the phone will only cost you €393.00, a very acceptable figure for a device that cost over €1,000 only three and a half years ago. It is still very up to date and will be for a long time; there are no signs of cosmetic defects visible to the naked eye and the battery is reconditioned to more than 80% capacity. If you’re interested, you’d better hurry.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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