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Every Day the Same Night: Kiss nightclub fire series gets trailer

Imagem de: Todo Dia a Mesma Noite: série sobre incêndio na boate Kiss ganha trailer

Netflix released the trailer for the miniseries on Monday. Every Day the Same Nightproduction inspired by the true story of the fire at the Kiss nightclub, which took the lives of 242 young people in the city of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul.

The plot is based on the book Every Day, Same Night: The Untold Story of Kiss Nightclub (2018), by journalist Daniela Arbex, and reveals the backstage of what happened and the families’ struggle for justice. Check out the trailer:

“In 5 episodes, the fictional miniseries reveals the backstage of what was one of the greatest tragedies in the country – from the police investigation into the circumstances that led to the fire to the beginning of the tireless fight for justice waged by the families of the victims, which continues until today, 10 years later,” the streaming description points out.

The cast includes Debora Lamm, Thelmo Fernandes, Paulo Gorgulho, Bianca Byington, Leonardo Medeiros, Raquel Karro, Bel Kowarick, Erom Cordeiro and Laila Zaid.

Every Day the Same Night premieres on the 25th of January.

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