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Euphoria: Zendaya will earn millionaire value to act in season 3

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euphoria became one of HBO’s biggest hits in recent years. Starring Zendaya (Spider-Man: Never Go Home), the series was released in 2019 and has two seasons, with a third part already on the way. The 3rd season of euphoriaincidentally, is one of the most awaited by fans, who are dying to know what will be the next steps for the character Rue Bennett (Zendaya).

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Zendaya must also be looking forward to the debut of the new year of euphoria, but not just for the love of the series. We explain: according to Matthew Belloni, from the website Puck, the actress renegotiated her contract with HBO and should receive quite a raise to star in the new episodes of the teen series. Now, she must earn US$ 1 million per episode (something around RS$ 5,191,200, at current prices).

Zendaya lives a troubled teenager full of challenges in Euphoria; actress will have a millionaire salary to star in season 3.Source: Enter the source

Zendaya’s “promotion” has some pretty solid justifications, if we stop to take it easy. In addition to starring euphoria, during the 2nd season of the series, she also became an executive producer of the work. That is, her work doubled.

To complete, the artist won two Emmy awards in the category of Best Actress in a Drama Series (2020 and 2022), which made her the youngest woman in history to win the award. As if that were not enough, she is still conquering important roles in the cinema, participating in great franchises, such as Spider man It is Dunewhich further elevates his “pass”.

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But millionaire salaries are not exclusive to Zendaya. According to Belloni, currently, stars Michael Keaton (Dopesick), Jason Sudekis (Ted Lasso) and Elisabeth Moss (Shining Girls), for example, also receive seven-figure checks at the end of the month. However, according to the report, who is swimming in this direction is the actor John Krasinski, who earns $ 2 million per episode in the series. Jack Ryanfrom Amazon Prime Video.

The 3rd season of euphoria began production this February and should premiere in 2023, probably at the end of the second half. The series will be released on HBO channels and streaming HBO Max.

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