Euphoria shouldn’t end in Season 3; know details!


It’s official: euphoria It won’t end in season 3. The Emmy-winning teen drama has been a huge hit on HBO since its debut in 2019. Casey Bloys, the platform’s chief content officer, confirmed that season 3 begins filming in March 2023 and that the series is set to follow afterward.

With emphasis on the cast, which is constantly praised for their performance, and especially for Zendaya, winner of two Emmys for Best Actress for a drama series, the series still seems to have a lot of breath ahead of it.

Prior to his Emmy success, Bloys had been optimistic but not specific about his future. euphoria after season 3. Now, he has cleared things up, according to the website. deadline.

He said that, along with his team, he will look to maintain the series and find ways to continue its evolution as the characters age – and that his interpreters are in demand for other productions.

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Everyone from Zendaya to Sydney Sweeney to Hunter Schafer has landed roles in major franchises – which can make it difficult, over time, to maintain euphoria with the same cast.

Also from the narrative point of view, in addition to the availability factor of the actors, euphoria it doesn’t seem like the kind of program that can last several years. With the characters graduating from high school, the plot loses why.

So, at least for now, some concerns have been resolved by the director of HBO – but what the exact future of the production, only time will tell. Could the series continue with new characters? Could the script adapt to show other phases of life?

What is the future of Euphoria?

Zendaya has previously expressed a desire to explore a version of euphoria that showed life beyond high school. Thus, a time jump would be possible – and it was even suggested at the end of the 2nd season.

That could be the case, especially since Rue’s (played by Zendaya) final narration indicated that the story isn’t going to pick up exactly where it left off.

Once production begins in March 2023, more details are likely to emerge. Until then, euphoria is available on the HBO Max streaming platform.

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