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Euphoria becomes the most watched series in Mexico on HBO Max


Just a week after the conclusion of the second season of the acclaimed production created by Sam Levinson, euphoria is so far the most viewed content in Latin America, reaching up to 8 trending topics on social networks throughout different countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

The series starring Zendaya, who was the youngest winner of the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her performance as Rue, has won the hearts of Mexicans compared to other movies or series. The last two episodes drove the networks crazy. As the plot unfolded, the most popular hashtags were: #Lexi #Fezco #EuphoriaDay #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBOMax, #EuphoriaFinale #Maddy #Cassie.

And the fans polarized their opinions, the most recurring themes were about the decisions of rue; Nate’s actions and the petition to the brand for the following season.

In the history of HBO Max in Latin America since its launch in June 2021, the series that won a Emmy, It has quickly positioned itself within the taste of Mexicans. Every Sunday it was the favorite of the users of the platform, which quickly made it a television phenomenon of 2022.

The story is about Rue, who from the first episode gave up her love when she met Jules and now in the second seasonwe saw her struggle each episode in front of her addiction.

Since Lexi appeared, she has gradually stepped out of her sister’s shadow to debut on stage and even stole the hearts of many fans the closer she got to Fezco. And the most loyal friendship that we believed indestructible, it broke in this last installment. All the characters always give us epic moments and iconic phrases that will be remembered forever.

Fans will be able to enjoy the complete series of Euphoria, its two seasons and the specials that are available to watch on HBO Max, while waiting for the arrival of the third season recently confirmed not to lose this great story that has captivated everyone and impacted chapter by chapter.

“Euphoria” and the open questions left by the final episode of the second season

The second season of euphoria came to an end and again summoned millions of viewers around the world to witness how this stage ended for the main characters. The reception was definitely not the best since Sam Levinsonthe mind behind the youth drama, left several plot lines unfinished in anticipation of a third installment.

Rue did not finish paying the debt to Laurie

Chapters ago, we had seen that Rue Bennett (Zendaya) made a deal with Laurie (Martha Kelly), a powerful drug dealer. However, the young woman did not sell a single one of these drugs and she consumed a large part of what she carried in the suitcase. When Elliot (Dominic Fike) tells Jules (hunter schafer) that his girlfriend used drugs behind his back, they both get rid of the content and tell the truth to Rue’s mother; For this reason, she is running away from her house and in her tense escape she arrives at Laurie’s house very desperate for not having the full amount that she owed her. She only gives him some jewelry and a part of her cash.

This is where the situation begins to get darker: Laurie drugs Rue, while she was in withdrawal, and lets her sleep at her house. When the teenager wakes up, she notices that, in addition to being an apartment full of caged birds, she might not be able to escape.

For this reason, it is believed that women are actually involved in human trafficking as well. Rue finally manages to leave the place, but Laurie is never heard from again, even, towards the end, the girl speaks as if she were in the future and assures that she stayed completely clean of drugs for the rest of the school year. What happened to the debt she owed her? Was he no more in danger?

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