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Ethernet port: what is it and why is it disappearing from laptops

What are ethernet connections and why are they doomed to disappear

As the years go by, laptops lose ports, now the most modern equipment if they bring three USB inputs and the occasional slot for some type of memory, but as far as ethernet connections are concerned, they will most likely not be seen again.

These ports of ethernet They are used to connect to internet services through was done approximately at the end of the 2000s, with this a better performance in the networks would be expected because it would be making direct use of the megabytes supplied by the provider.

Perhaps the clearest reason why laptops will no longer include ports for ethernet connections is because Wi-Fi networks have advanced to a level that offers excellent internet quality and with the arrival of 5G this type of satellite systems will continue to prevail in society.

 With the arrival of 5G, ethernet ports will disappear from laptops. (photo: ComputerHoy)
With the arrival of 5G, ethernet ports will disappear from laptops. (photo: ComputerHoy)

However, this trend in the market is determined by consumers and it is a reality that almost nobody uses cable internet anymore, but people keep their devices linked to Wi-Fi networks all the time, which causes manufacturers decide to take advantage of this innovation in telecommunications to reduce the space of portable computers, make them more compact and lighter.

And it is that now the smaller the size of a laptop, the fewer ports it will include, There are even some models between 13 and 14 inches that do not even have a 3.5 input for headphones.leaving you with all kinds of connection to bluetooth and wifi systems, which apparently take up less hardware space than a hole.

But there are still some users who need cable connections, either for a specific task such as measuring the quality of their internet service or because the place where they are going to work does not have the best wireless signal, for these cases they will need of another type of element that serves as an adapter, since although modern computers already have the ethernet port, they still have the system installed in their software.

The internet of things is an example of how satellite connections to the internet have changed the world
The internet of things is an example of how satellite connections to the internet have changed the world

This adapter is known ashub usb” and it is a kind of box that has all the inputs that laptops might no longer have from the factory, in appearance it is similar to a power strip and it is linked to the laptop with a typical USB connector.

With all this, people might think that in a short time this type of ethernet connections and the respective ports to do so will disappear completely if you take into account that Wi-Fi networks are becoming more efficient, faster and include new security seals that are much more complex to intervene.

Another indication of this may be the internet of things, because it is a reality that the number of elements connected to the network has been increasing every year between smart watches, televisions, car assistants and all kinds of devices home automation.

But also, not only the ports for connections seem to be doomed to disappearCell phones like those of the Apple brand are incorporating wireless charging systems that could eventually be extended to notebooks.

Although connections and all device functions are expected to improve in performance as ports disappear, there will be users who will occasionally need to use ethernet, a question that it is still unknown how the manufacturers could solve.


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