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Error 404 and others on the internet: what they are and how to solve them

Error 404 and others on the internet: what they are and how to solve them
internet browsing
internet browsing

Sometimes when browsing the web, when entering a site, instead of displaying content, an error is indicated with a specific code implying that the page is not available or does not exist. The most popular codes are 404 and 500.

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These are part of what are known as HTTP status codes.and each of these indicates something different, however, these codes are part of the normal functioning of the internet.

These codes are permission messages that are transmitted internally between the browser that the user is using, such as Google, and the server.

This interaction between the preferred browser, the computer and the selected website is generated in codes and each of them means something different, although they are usually permissions.. That is, when you want to enter a website and have access to its content, it requests access to enter the computer system and display the information.

Normally, this code interaction is not noticed by the user, since the only thing that can be seen is the site loading or not, and it happens in a matter of seconds. The only time a person will be able to see these codes on their screen is when there is an error and it is reported on the screen.

Most of the errors correspond to broken linksin short, the web page in question no longer exists, that is, its content, but the link that is placed in the text bar located at the top of the screen when you are inside Google, still circulates through the Internet.

This situation is known as link rot, making a metaphor for the garbage that remains on the streets of cities, rotting when the truck does not take it away, as well as the links that are not removed and cause inconvenience to users who do not find information.

The most common mistakes

Error 404

It occurs because the resource to visit was withdrawn. A common case is when a product is removed from the catalog in online stores but continues to appear in Google search results.

Error 505

Occurs when the server has damage. In these cases the inconvenience is temporary and after a few seconds the website is entered without problems.

Is there any way to fix these errors

There is very little the user can do because it is not their fault. In addition, these errors that result in broken links to resources that are no longer available on the internet, are considered normal on the web.

However, people have the possibility of entering the directory that contains all registered web addresses, in this link, there you can search for a specific site to verify if it exists or if it was removed.


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