Erika Buenfil and all the secrets that have made her the queen of TikTok

“The Queen of TikTok” spoke with TechMarkup Mexico about the creation of digital content that she does and what she thinks of her colleagues who have followed the successful formula.

Erika Buenfil She is one of the most recognized Mexican actresses for her talent in the interpretation of characters in soap operas, as well as her charisma in social networks that has given her the title of The Mexican Queen of TikTokWell, millions of followers constantly make her viral for her funny videos.

Although his fans have only been able to witness the final results, more than one has wondered how the actress records each one of the tendencies to which it is added, scenarios range from the comfort of your home to the main forums of Televisa. Therefore in conversation with TechMarkup Mexicothe actress of True loves He has confessed all the secrets behind the viral videos that have given him more than 15 million followers and approximately 223 million likes.

“I think it is a father energy and you have to get your batteries. I rarely repeat them unless they have a lot of memory, because yes, I memorize them impressively, but it’s quite a job. I don’t like to repeat it more than three times because if not it doesn’t come outthough the dance ones yes I rehearse them. I try to make them as fast as possible because they are how people see them, fresh, ”she confessed.

Erika Buenfil and all the secrets behind the tiktoks that have made her a viral youthful attractiveness (Photos: TikTok/@erikbuenfiloficial)

Although the actress is one of the pioneers of her generation to enter the world of social networks in this way, some of his colleagues have followed the formula doing the same thing, so at some point it was rumored that this caused an indirect competition to see who did better or who caused more laughter and impact, an idea that is not shared by Erika Buenfil.

Ahead! The door is openthe joke is that sometimes it turns out very well for some people, sometimes not, some have gone viral or have been successful, and that’s good, that’s what it’s for, but the joke is to bring continuity and that people become fond of one,” he added.

For the actress of melodramas of Televisa What The double life of Estela Carrillo, Tomorrow is forever Y Loving You Is My Sin Glamor is something that should stay in the closet, because that way they are already seen on television, so she has not been afraid to let herself be seen “without a filter”, this being one of her keys to being very successful in the industry. most important and viral video platform in the world.

The actress assured that it bothers her that her generation colleagues also make viral videos (Photo:  TechMarkup México/ Marco Ruíz)
The actress assured that it bothers her that her generation colleagues also make viral videos (Photo: TechMarkup México/ Marco Ruíz)

“Me, suddenly you see my profile and in one I am dancing, in another singing, one late in the morning, another asleep, another like that (produced), that is is a range of things and so they know me in different ways and the joke is to dare. I have completely removed my make-up and that is also the joke, that people see me like today and see me tomorrow just woke up in pajamas“, external.

Not being left alone with the public that has been following his work on television for several years has allowed him to explore new facets in his life, even bringing children to visit and consume his digital content.

The actress has more than 15 million followers on TikTok
The actress has more than 15 million followers on TikTok

“The truth is I’m very happy and I’m getting to know them, now I see the stars of this generation and I try to recognize them because they are also the kids that my son sees, then he tells me ‘Mom I saw this’ and then he updates me. The truth is father because I connect with an audience that did not know who I am and that suddenly will also continue to see me in the new soap operas what am I going to do and then I am in both things. A lot of work, but very happy, ”she concluded.

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