Enola Holmes: Henry Cavill Talks About Possible Sherlock Spin-Off

the success of Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix is ​​already heating up conversations about a possible franchise building in streaming. In an interview with collider, Henry Cavill has commented on whether he would be interested in starring in a potential spin-off film centered around his character, Sherlock..

Although the actor has shown enthusiasm for playing the famous detective, his busy schedule may be the biggest obstacle for him to get back in the role. That’s because his return as Superman in the DC cinematic universe was recently confirmed, in projects not yet detailed.

“There are many possibilities, but the most important thing for me is making sure I can deliver everything I need for each of the characters I play. As people are already aware, I’m getting busier and busier, so I think it’s a matter of having time [para poder estrelar um filme solo]”, he highlighted.

Henry Cavill responded if he would be interested in starring in an Enola Holmes spin-off centered around his character, Sherlock.Source: Source: Netflix/Disclosure

Can Enola Holmes 2 spawn a franchise?

the films of Enola Holmes on Netflix featured Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) as Sherlock’s younger sister. The two features are adapted from Nancy Springer’s books, and follow the detective’s journey to create her own investigative agency.

The sequel’s finale, which recently debuted on streaming, paved the way for a possible Sherlock-centric spinoff based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic work.

However, the decisive factor for the project to actually get off the ground seems to be finding a space in the actor’s agenda. It is worth remembering that Cavill already had to leave the series The Witcherdue to its new contract with DC.

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