Enola Holmes 2: Understand the movie’s post-credits scene

Millie Bobby Brown is missed as Eleven in season four of Stranger Things, but it’s back in Enola Holmes 2, which debuted in the Netflix catalog this Friday (04). And of course fans would be in for a little surprise after the credits roll.

In the sequel to the 2020 film, now the young detective begins to take on her first cases. Already in her initial work – the disappearance of a girl – Enola finds herself confronted by a great conspiracy and, more than ever, she needs the help of her friends to solve the case.

Speaking of friend, that’s where the pleasant surprise comes in relation to the last scene of the movie!

It is worth noting that we are entering the field of spoilers, see? If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know anything, it’s best to stop here. Otherwise, we explain!

Understand the post-credits scene of Enola Holmes 2

In the post-credits scene, the audience is introduced to a new version of Dr. Watson. This encounter only happens because Enola has concluded that it’s not a good idea to act alone, and she applies the same reasoning to her brother, assessing that the famous detective needs a partner.

This is how Sherlock welcomes his future colleague and assistant, whose participation may be essential in the future.

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The new version of Dr. Watson is played by Himesh Patel of yesterday and tenet. The character is of extreme importance in Sherlock’s stories, as he is responsible for documenting all the cases of the legendary detective, making him famous throughout the world.

Dr. Watson was created by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle, who brought Sherlock’s stories to life. Other actors have already given life to the iconic assistant, such as Martin Freeman, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, in the version of BBC, and Jude Law in the adaptations in which Robert Downey Jr. is the protagonist.

Enola Holmes 2 directed by Harry Bradbeer and written by Jack Thorne. The cast includes Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, David Thewlis, Adeel Akhtar, Louis Partridge, Susan Wokoma and Hannah Dodd. The title is available on Netflix is ​​an exclusive release of the streaming service.

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