Enola Holmes 2: How Henry Cavill ‘Trolled’ Millie Bobby Brown on Set

With a dynamic praised in front of the cameras, Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown are also getting along very well behind the scenes. During the recordings of Enola Holmes 2from Netflix, the interpreter of the popular British detective gave more information about the filming process and claimed to have taken revenge for “trolling” suffered by the co-protagonist during the production of the first film🇧🇷

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Very active on social media, Bobby Brown regularly used her profiles to share relaxed moments off camera. Some of his personal materials were used to make fun of Cavill, and the Superman star looks like he was just waiting for another opportunity to return the coin for the same change, according to a radio interview. BBC🇧🇷

“Millie and I make fun of each other a lot on set, and she must [sofrer] some punishment for teasing me with the threat of TikTok videos on Enola Holmes,” he comments. “So I definitely put a lot of effort into Enola when I was drunk, like Sherlock. There were certainly times when she was like, ‘there’s no way I can really hold you in real life,’ but it was a good time, it was good fun.”

Enola Holmes 2, directed by Harry Bradbeer, is now available on Netflix. Click here and check out more news about the feature, including a recent interview where Cavill commented on the possible production of a spin-off film.

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