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End of the line: how does the cancellation of Netflix series work?

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Earlier this week, yet another Netflix series was canceled after a single season. This time it was time to 1899production that was considered one of the great bets of streaming, for taking the title of “a nova” darkplatform success.

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Like the German series, 1899 it also has an enigmatic plot and, despite not having gained resounding success, it was well received by subscribers. – getting at ranking in Netflix’s global top 2 and top 10 in 90 countries.

The cancellation took fans by surprise and generated repercussions on the networks. Users soon remembered the hasty end of other beloved series, such as mindhunter, Sense8 and The OA.

How does canceling Netflix series work?

But after all, What are the criteria used by Netflix when canceling a series? The truth is that it is not known exactly what defines which productions will be renewed, since the company does not disclose audience figures for all its productions.

The criteria are nebulous even for series producers. At the beginning of last year, for example, the creator of the series The Nanny’s ClubRachel Shukert, complained about the ‘strategy’ adopted by the streaming platform.

“Netflix will give you context in terms of what their numbers were the previous season or what they’re expecting, but even that’s vague. You’re flying a little blind,” said the producer. The Nanny’s Club was canceled by Netflix even after gaining considerable success in the United States and receiving critical acclaim.

“A cool audience that isn’t a monster hit but is loved by fans… Does it matter? I don’t know. I guess we were unlucky to leave at the same time as Round 6which showed them how crazy numbers could be,” he said.

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And what is known then?

A metric that seems to be used a lot by streaming is the number of views in the first 28 days after the debut in the catalogue. In the list of most watched films and series of the year, for example, the company only considered the audience recorded in this period of time.

The 2022 series with the highest ratings in the first 28 days after their debut on Netflix

But not only that. Grade completion rate also appears to be a criterion. and perhaps, even more than the ‘dry’ number of views. The subject came up when Neil Gaiman, creator of The Sandmanasked fans of the series to watch the entire season as “as soon as possible” for a renewal.

“Netflix does not count the number of viewers watching the episodes gradually. Therefore, it is very important to marathon the first season to show interest,” he explained on Twitter.

That is, to be considered a success, productions must be immediately consumed by users, with the famous “marathons”.

It is worth noting, however, that there is nothing confirmed about Netflix’s criteria for renewing its series. – Minha Série even contacted the company to understand the process, but received no response. It remains, then, to hope that our favorite series become hits, like dahmer or Wandinhato win new episodes.

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