Home Entertainment Emily in Paris: video shows cast reacting to season 3 finale

Emily in Paris: video shows cast reacting to season 3 finale

Emily in Paris: video shows cast reacting to season 3 finale

Netflix has some big hits in its catalog that, even after a few seasons, continue to attract more and more fans. One of them is Emily in Paris, a series that premiered in 2020 and recently released its 3rd season on streaming. Starring actress Lily Collins, the work is not tired of appearing in the service’s top 10 and seems to grow with each new year.

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And those who think that only the fans engage with the production are mistaken. Emily’s casting in Paris is also not above showing her love and affection for storytelling whenever possible. An example of this is a video released by Netflix in which the stars of the series comment on the surprising ending of the 3rd season.


In the video, we can see Lily Collins (Emily), Ashley Park (Mindy), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Razat (Camille) and Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) playfully reacting to the final moments of the third part of Emily in Paris and sharing with fans their favorite moments, including the big surprises and twists.

“Oh God, I don’t think I can watch this twice. It’s too intense,” says Bravo of the wedding scene where Camille interrupts the priest. Remembering that the character breaks up with Gabriel for believing that he and Emily still have feelings for each other. “Cami’s performance was so honest,” Collins said of the tense scene.

About the passage, Razat also revealed how he managed to print as much emotion as possible: “It was so cold. It helped me to be in that condition and so exhausted that my feelings came out very easily. And being with Lucas was the best thing because we were connected” , said the actress.

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“For some reason that night everyone was so silent and focused and something happened in that church that was very magical,” added Bravo when talking about the scene in question.

Although the end between the two has shocked the cast, the stars reveal that, now, everything is open in the plot. “Everything is on the line,” says Park. Will Emily and Gabriel actually end up together? Or is Alfie still in the running? Well, the 4th season of Emily in Paris, which has already been confirmed, will make that story clear (we hope)!

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