Email recovery: How to recover deleted emails in Gmail

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Of course, You have deleted the emails in Gmail more than once and then you regretted deleting them and want Email recovery. Gmail application gives a time of few seconds to undo the deleted message. After the time has elapsed, the email will be deleted. Surely, it will not disappear permanently, because it waits up to 30 days in the recycle bin so you can easily recover deleted emails.

Having an email app on your phone is necessary these days, not just for work. Most services use email accounts to sign up and can also be used as a method of recovering passwords or authorizing dual logins. Gmail is one of the most used applications, but it has not become a standard-setting for many mobile devices to no avail. Provides a variety of tools for managing emails and even restoring them.

Recover deleted emails from Gmail Recycle Bin

You have to remember that deleted emails will not be automatically deleted forever because they spend a long time in the recycle bin. This process of working can prevent you from losing your important emails forever because you accidentally delete the email or because you regret having deleted it later. This is a lifesaver for you.


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As discussed earlier, every time an email is deleted in Gmail, it will go to the recycle bin. So if you need to recover deleted emails, you should find them here. To recover the email:

  • Open your Gmail account. Click on the 3 menu lines at the top to display the hidden menu.
  • Go to the trash menu by scrolling down and click on it.
  • Find deleted email. If 30 days have not passed since the mail was deleted, Gmail will save it to the trash folder.
  • The app’s search engine doesn’t scan the recycle bin – you have to manually search for deleted emails.

If you responded to the deleted email then it will be in the sent folder

Suppose you are looking for emails that are sent to you and then deleted. The email stayed in the trash for 30 days until it was deleted forever so gets easier for Email recovery. Therefore, it was impossible to recover the email. However, if you send a reply to the email, you can read what you wrote and even retrieve its content.


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Replies to all emails in Gmail are saved in the “Sent” folder. Sent emails will not be deleted unless you delete them manually. And since Gmail replies are written to received mail, you can retrieve the original email sent with the reply, which has been saved under “Sent”.

  • Go to the Gmail menu and enter the “Sent” folder.
  • Find the reply to the deleted email.
  • After entering the replied email, you will see the email with the original text and images at the top of the email.
By default, each replied email in Gmail contains the original message. So if you reply to deleted emails via Gmail, you can always rescue them. In any other case, as long as the deleted emails have disappeared from the trash, you will no longer be able to do anything for Email recovery. Ask the person who sent it to you again.
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