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Elon Musk would not be the right person to run Twitter

According to a co-founder of the app, Elon Musk "doesn
According to a co-founder of the app, Elon Musk “doesn’t seem like” the right person to run the social network.

Biz Stone was part of the team that founded Twitter together to Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Noah Glassand already away from the social network, he spoke about the current situation of the company and the complications he sees with the arrival of Elon Musk.

One of the tasks of stones was to make some changes in the moderation of content and ethics on the platform in 2017, and from that topic he launched his prediction, ensuring that the application is not a political place and talking about the role of the CEO of the owner of Tesla.

“It doesn’t look like it at the moment, but I could be wrong,” he told Guardian about itself Musk eIt would be the ideal to direct the platform, making it clear that being in that position is accepting decisions contrary to one’s own opinions.

“You have to be okay with the things that you just don’t like or that you’re not okay with being there. Otherwise, you should go buy a magazine or a newspaper or something that’s okay to have a specific slant,” he said. Stone.

These comments are born because the billionaire has denied journalists access to the application, while he has restored the accounts of blocked people such as the donald trump and of Andrew Tatewho has proclaimed himself a misogynist.

Regarding Musk, he also considers that it was not right to name the employees in the internal files who spoke of the company’s own decisions, because “when that happens, people receive a lot of harassment”, as happened with the former trusted boss and safety of Twitter, Yoel Rothwho was forced to leave his home when the CEO of the company posted tweets against him.

Twitter co-founder talks about Elon Musk.
Twitter co-founder talks about Elon Musk.

The future of Twitter

stones He also took the opportunity to talk about the company’s situation thinking about the coming years and stressed that the idea of ​​the social network is already stronger than the company itself, which is why other platforms such as Mastodon appear with similar proposals.

“I do not know if Twitter as a company it’s going to be successful forever, but I think the idea of ​​Twitter will continue to exist. It would only matter that the idea continued on Twitter. And that has happened. That seems to be happening already. Mastodon seems to be gaining on the decentralized and open source version of Twitter. People seem to be going there,” said the app’s co-founder.

But in general terms, he doesn’t see clearly what could happen, especially after what happened in 2022. “I don’t know the future. I don’t know what’s going to happen and maybe things will be great in a year and he had to go through this litmus test. But, right now it’s not looking good I would say,” she added.

The co-founder of the social network talks about Elon Musk's role in the company.
The co-founder of the social network talks about Elon Musk’s role in the company.

Twitter Blue could raise the price to not show advertising

One of the first decisions he made Musk to improve the finances of the application was to launch Twitter Blue, a paid version of the platform that offers certain benefits.

However, this and other actions that were taken on the platform still do not have the necessary success to generate benefits for the company, for which the CEO indicated that the next update of the price of subscriptions for the paid version of the social network would include an increase in its price and some benefits.

The decision to include this modification in the paid version of the social network It was announced by the businessman through a tweet. “Advertising is too short and frequent in Twitter. We are taking actions to manage that in the coming weeks,” she explained. Also, Musk He also indicated that the subscriptions would introduce a new, higher-priced category in which no advertising would be displayed.

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