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Elon Musk wants to create his own social network to deal with Twitter

Elon Musk published a series of tweets in which he proposed to set up a new social network that could compete with giants like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. According to him, a platform where the right to freedom of expression can really exist.

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public forum and failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy, what should be done?” tweeted the founder of Tesla. “Is a new platform necessary?” he continued in a second tweet.

To respond to a person, Elon Musk reached ensure that he imagined creating a new social network in which freedom of expression is respected.

If this critical discourse on freedom of expression sounds familiar, because donald trumpthe controversial former president of United Stateshas also made this type of criticism. And, like Elon Musk, he created a replacement social network called ‘Truth‘ (Truth) promising to censor without users.

Elon Musk wants freedom of speech

Why does Elon Musk excessively question freedom of expression in Twitter and proposes to create a new social network? In the days before these tweets, the CEO of SpaceX conducted a survey in which they asked if they believed that Twitter respected freedom of expression. An investigation that publicly won the ‘No’ option, obtaining a 70% number of votes.

jack dorseyco-founder and, until several months ago, CEO of Twitter, answered to Elon Musk saying that Twitter recommendations should be purely chosen by users. It is an idea that the tycoon has expressed publicly in the past.

Elon Musk and the controversies, something of every week

This is not the only controversy in which Elon Musk has been involved in recent weeks. From the listing, you can see that quite a stir was created when it was revealed that I had asked for a surrogate mother, and that he had a second daughter with singer Grimes.

Simultaneously, he challenged Vladimir Putinthe current president of Russia, to a war in which Ukraine’s freedom would be threatened.

And, in the case of not enough, Grimes also made some controversial statements about the tycoon, ensuring that he sometimes lives below the poverty line.

Truth, Donald Trump’s social network that is also against Twitter

The former president of United States, donald trump, threw in the app store his own social network, Truth Social, citing posts from an executive related to the project posted during the app test session.

“We are preparing for the launch in the Apple Store on Monday, February 21,” he said in one of the responses to questions from invited users.

According to the images in the App Store, Truth Social is quite similar to Twitter, Trump’s favorite social network before it was permanently banned following the Capitol riots. In fact, the former president used to deliver important news and messages through this channel.

“What makes Truth Social different? We are a social media platform free of political discrimination.” it can be seen in the description available in the Apple App Store.

The only requirement of apps is that the published content must be ‘completely true’. To participate in the chats, you have to register and create a profile, after which you can follow personal connections through followers, posts and likes.

Yes, basically and as mentioned above, works like the social network founded by Jack Dorsey.


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