Elon Musk proposes that Twitter Blue be cheaper and be paid in dogecoin

Elon Musk proposes that Twitter Blue be cheaper and be paid in dogecoin

Elon Musk and his new relationship with Twitter is still news. Last week he sparked global (and stock market) interest when it became known that he bought 9.2% of the shares of the social network of the little bird and thus became the majority shareholder.

When everyone speculated that he would be part of the board, yesterday it was announced that he would not be part of that council. Y now he returns to attract the attention of the audience, always eager to know each of his moments, by proposing a series of changes for Twitter Bluethe social network’s premium subscription service.

Among these novelties is the fact that payment with dogecoin will be integrated into the system, until the price is lowered, which will be adapted to the purchasing power of each market.

Musk has been asking for the opinion of users of the social network for weeks in search of possible changes. The founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX also expressed his wishes from his account on the famous platform.

One of those requests is to lower the price of Twitter Blue, the social network’s monthly subscription service, from $3 to $2, but paying 12 months in advance. The account would also be suspended without the right to a refund in the event that its user used it for a scam or spam.

Another of Musk’s ideas is to give all Twitter Blue users a verified label. The objective of this measure is to make the armies of bots, which are one of the great problems of the social network, “too expensive to maintain”.

Musk also proposes that, if you pay for twelve months of Twitter Blue in advance, only verified to be delivered to an account 60 days after entering the subscription service.

The cost of the Twitter Blue subscription should be, in your opinion, proportional to purchasing power and local currency. At this point, Musk asked if “even an option to pay in Doge” would be a good idea, referring to the cryptocurrency.

How is Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue It was launched last June 2021 and, as of today, is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It is a premium version of the social network that focuses on personalization. Among other things, it can be noted that Twitter Blue has six different themes to choose from (blue, yellow, red, purple, orange and green). The selected color is applied to the links, the post button, and the rest of the accent color elements.

Another interesting point is that it integrates a publication timer (customizable) that allows you to confirm messages before publishing them permanently. A function that is available on several platforms, such as Gmail and that offers a unique opportunity not to regret it later. Although what would help much more would be the possibility of modifying what has already been published.

For now, we will have to wait since the system does not allow you to undo or edit tweets, one of the great claims of the users of the microblogging social network. Anyway, for the first time users can be hopeful that the claim can materialize in a short time. The thing is Finally the company confirmed that it is already working on a button to edit tweetsalthough it will only be for those who use Twitter Blue. At least that is implied by the fact that this tool is being tested on a limited basis in that context. Perhaps it will eventually reach the rest of the users.