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Elon Musk criticized Donald Trump’s social network and called it “Trumpet”

Now what Twitter It is Elon Muskthe billionaire has made several comments: in the most recent he said that Former President Donald Trump’s social network should be called “Trumpet” instead of Truth Social.


This came about after the CEO of Tesla showed a screenshot of The 5 most popular apps in the Apple app storewhere Truth Social is in first place, Twitter in second and TikTok in fifth.

“Truth Social is currently outperforming Twitter and TikTok in the Apple Store,” he said.

After pointing out that the social network of the former US president was before his own, he criticized the name, assuring that it’s terrible”. Also, he stressed that this it only exists because “Twitter censored free speech.”


It should be remembered that in the past the social network, which now belongs to the founder of Space X, vetoed donald trumpwho had approximately 89 million followers, after the January 6 insurrection because there was “risk of incitement to violence”. Later, the politician founded his own social network.

Since leaving the presidency, Trump has continued to propagate speeches about his 2020 election loss in communiqués, and it’s unclear how Musk will address those remarks now that he could return to Twitter.


However, in statements to the television network Fox, The former president indicated that he prefers to use his own social network, Truth Social, as the only channel of communication.

And it is that after the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk was formalized, a considerable increase in the number of downloads of TruthSocial. Mainly it would be from the users who showed that they were against Musk managing the social network, since say extremist content or hate speech will be allowedsomething that social networks struggled to eradicate.

In that sense, the South African said that Truth Social emerged because there was not enough freedom, which, according to him, will now be plenty on Twitter thanks to its new regulations. He furthermore reiterated that the name should be “Trumpets”which in Spanish would be “Trumpet” and which in English is phonetically similar to the surname of the former president.

“It should be called Trumpet instead!”


Musk has received thousands of reactions and replies to his tweet, though none from Donald Trump. According to the South African, now that he is in charge there will be some changes on the platform, one of them being the one that focuses on freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression is the foundation of a functioning democracy and Twitter It is the digital town square where vital issues for the future of humanity are discussed”, said the new owner of the company in his first message, accompanying it with “emojis” of rockets and hearts.

He previously outlined in an interview at TED, shortly before making his offer, some of his plans for Twitter. “Well, I think it’s very important that there is an inclusive setting for freedom of expression.Musk said. “Twitter has become a kind of de facto public square, so it’s really important that people have both the reality and the perception that they can speak freely within the confines of the law.”

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