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Elon Musk creates X.AI, an artificial intelligence company

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Elon Musk is ready to enter the artificial intelligence fray . The billionaire created a company called X.AI , according to The Wall Street Journal, and will begin his journey to compete with the big companies that are imposed in the sector, such as OpenAI.

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The registration of the new company was carried out during this week in the state of Nevada, United States. For now, he is listed as the CEO and Jared Birchall as the secretary.

In addition to this, the sale of 100 million shares began, with the aim of receiving private investment to begin technological development.

Musk’s AI is under construction

The intentions of the owner of Twitter to enter this market have been known for some time. Since artificial intelligence became the trending topic, he has come out to testify against some developments and at the same time has been known about his desire to have his own system.

In late February it was revealed that Musk had approached Igor Babuschkinun, a researcher who recently left Google’s DeepMind unit, to tell him about his AI-related project and convince him to join it.

The researcher told The Information that this entire plan was in a very early stage of development and there were no concrete ideas yet for a specific product. At that time he assured that he had not accepted Tesla’s design proposal, but that he would like to work with him.

Elon Musk offers stock awards valuing Twitter at $20 billion
Elon Musk, owner of Twitter. Image: Shutterstock

To this is added that, prior to the creation of X.IA, the businessman bought 10,000 units of graphics cards to start the development of a new model of artificial intelligence language, similar to ChatGPT. Although for now in the records of this new company there is no information about a project of this type.

In the midst of all this process, Musk has come out to testify against current artificial intelligence projects. An example was the letter that he signed together with CEOs of other companies and technology experts in which he asked that the development of AI be paused for a few months, with the aim of creating rules for its development and scope.

“Powerful artificial intelligence systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks are manageable,” said a portion of the document, which also appears Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak .

Elon Musk spoke after the confirmation that he will buy Twitter and revealed that he plans to launch a new app

Twitter is part of the plan

Musk’s project aims to involve his latest acquisition. The same businessman has made it clear that having bought the social network “is an accelerator to create X, the application for everything.”

One of the billionaire’s great aspirations is to create a superapp in which you can do everything: social network, messaging, shopping, payments and others, and he has always linked the letter ‘X’ in that plan, which is now the name of your new company.

In addition, he stated that for the creation of his artificial intelligence he will use the data that is on Twitter , such as the trills of the users. Bearing in mind that information is the key to the development of these systems, which are fed and learned from databases, this application has millions of expressions, words, news, names and trends that can be useful.

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