Home Entertainment Elon Musk blames Netflix and Disney+ for piracy

Elon Musk blames Netflix and Disney+ for piracy

Elon Musk blames Netflix and Disney+ for piracyv
Elon Musk © Screenshot of the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast

Elon Musk is not known for having his tongue in his pocket and his Twitter account is used regularly to push rants. The billionaire threw a new stone into the water this Tuesday by sharing a meme that should not fail to react.

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This is the famous image of the “distracted boyfriend”. We can understand that the launch of Netflix has clearly made piracy obsolete. But the arrival of new competitors such as Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, or even HBO Max has changed the situation. This abundance of players would therefore tend to reinforce the illegal offers that were thought to be in decline.


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A fragmented offer at the origin of piracy?

Either way, it’s hard to fully understand Elon Musk’s message here. Of course, the richest man in the world has no problem paying for these subscriptions in full, but he could, like everyone else, be annoyed by the idea of ​​having to switch services for each viewing.

Moreover, Elon Musk seems supported by the facts, since piracy remains a real challenge for all rights holders and it is very far from declining. In France, and according to a study conducted by Hadopi, this practice cost the actors concerned 1.03 billion euros in 2019. Concretely, 9% of the global market of 11.6 billion euros thus went up in smoke.

Moreover, the boss of Tesla is not the only one to hold this kind of reasoning . He is indeed joined by the famous peer-to-peer broadcasting group, Evo, known for many leaks of films and major scenarios that have plagued Hollywood in recent years.


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This collective believes that the proliferation of offers is largely responsible for this resurgence of piracy. They add, “  If you’re an average person these days, basically, either you’re rich or you’re a loser down the line. It’s Disney+, it’s Netflix, it’s Prime Video, it’s Paramount+. God knows what else they will come up with.  »

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