Elite: Season 6 of the series premieres on Netflix; know more!

The students of the famous Las Encinas College are back. So it is, the 6th season of Elite, a Spanish Netflix series, premiered today (18) and is now available for all fans to watch and catch up on their favorite characters.


Created by Darío Madrona and Carlos Montero, Elite made its debut in 2018 and quickly gained a legion of fans around the world. With a mix of drama and suspense, the series addresses the lives of students at a high-end college, showing all their problems, challenges and dreams.

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Watch season 6 trailer Elite🇧🇷


According to some critics who have already checked out the new batch of episodes, the series is more mature, with less sex and dealing with current and sensitive issues, such as transphobia, injustice and abuse.


Here’s the official synopsis for Season 6:

“After Samuel’s death, Las Encinas begins a new school year trying to reform itself and cover up the disasters of the past. However, the conflicts in its classrooms are systemic: racism, sexism, domestic abuse and LGBT-phobia are just some of the difficult topics that walk the corridors of this prestigious institution. If those who govern the system do not take effective steps to address these problems, students will have to do it themselves.”

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cast change

The 6th season of Elite will be the first with no original cast members. In addition, following the custom of the other parts of the series, the new episodes will bring new characters to the plot.


While Itzan Escamilla, Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas and Georgina Amorós leave the series, Ander Puig (to be or not to be), Carmen Arrufat (HIT), Álvaro de Juana (HIT), Ana Bokesa (The one that happens) and Alex Pastrana (Welcome to Eden) enter production.

The 6th season of Elite will follow the molds of the previous ones and will have 8 episodes🇧🇷

In Elite, we follow the trajectory of students at the Las Encinas school, where the sons and daughters of Class A study. When three poorer teenagers enter the institution, social and thought differences become increasingly clear among young people.

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