Elisabeth Moss and Kate Hudson to star in thriller ‘Shell’ about the dangers of the beauty industry

The plot will take place in the near future, so close that it could even be the present, with most of humanity obsessed with the cult of beauty and youth. With this premise, the actor Max Minghella prepare Shellwhich will be his second feature film, after debuting in 2018 with reaching your dream with elle fanning as protagonist.

And, according to the news published by Deadline, he has already signed what will be his trio of leading actresses. there they will be Elizabeth Mosspopularized thanks to the series The maiden’s taleand also consolidating itself in cinema with proposals such as the new version of The invisible man; also Kate Hudsonwhich began to captivate us more than two decades ago with titles such as almost famousand forming part of the recent Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mysteryand kaia gerberrecently seen in Babylon and who has also participated in several episodes of the anthology of american horror story.

The three ready to take us to that world, not so distant or unreal, in which the cult of youth and beauty has reached unsuspected extremesand in a plot in which Samantha (Elisabeth Moss) has the great opportunity of her life when she enters Shell, a pioneering company in health and beauty products which promises its clients to keep their youthful appearance forever. Samantha’s career will take a big leap with the new treatment she is developing, while also establishing a close friendship with the company’s glamorous CEO (Kate Hudson).

“Shell packs a wildly entertaining genre of film with iconic characters and universal themes that can get people talking at length about the movie on the way out”, explained Max Minghella, taking advantage of the promotion in the Cannes film market. In addition, he will meet Elisabeth Moss again, this time as director, after having worked together on The Handmaid’s Tale.

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