Home Entertainment Eddie Murphy would play Inspector Clouseau in a new ‘Pink Panther’ movie

Eddie Murphy would play Inspector Clouseau in a new ‘Pink Panther’ movie

Eddie Murphy would play Inspector Clouseau in a new 'Pink Panther' movie

Few comedies have worked to the extent that it has The Pink Pantherdirected by Blake Edwards in 1963. Beyond the unforgettable Inspector Clouseau what would interpret Peter Sellers in several films, here chasing a jewel called precisely the Pink Pantherthis classic began with some credits to the rhythm of the iconic theme jazz of henry mancini who introduced us to a pink panther “literal”. A pink panther who, apart from the sequels to the Edwards film, would star in his own cartoon series, with great success.

The curious thing about the matter is that, since then, Clouseau and the Pink Panther had never formed a team. The consequences were passing, in 2006 there was a reboot with Steve Martin that was extended to one more movie, and no one seemed to think that both characters might have a chance together. now is the twist what backbone a new reboot of the saga, which echoes The Hollywood Reporter. It already has a tested protagonist: eddy murphy is in negotiations to join The Pink Panther Like Inspector Clouseau.

Murphy became a celebrity back in the 1980s, with The Prince of Zamunda either super detective in hollywood. Throughout the following decade she maintained her contact with the general public in doctor dolittle either the nutty professorso that around 2018 his star would shine again thanks to I am Dolemite. Without his fame being that of yesteryear, Murphy would also be a great boost to The Pink Pantherwhere he would eventually team up with a CGI-developed Pink Panther to solve a new mystery.

There is another funny aspect, and that is that to direct the film MGM has hired Jeff Fowlerdirector of the two films of sonic which have done so well at the box office. Here Fowler also had to design buddy movies between a human and a digital being (James Marden and the hedgehog Sega), so presumably he is the right man for the project. The script is written by Chris Bremmer and produce dan lin and Jonathan Erichbehind the success of remake of aladdin In Disney.

Murphy has yet to close the deal to be Clouseau. If he ends up doing it, shooting The Pink Panther would start very soon.

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