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ECG available for one of the Garmin sports watches.

ECG available for one of the Garmin sports watches.

Just a year ago, the fitness guru DC Rainmaker came across a hidden test menu when examining the Garmin Venu 2 Plus, which testified to the existence of ECG hardware, even though the manufacturer was silent about it on the product page, and no related function was updated. After some research, it turned out: Garmin has been negotiating with the authorities to authorize ECG measurement since 2021, and it speaks volumes about the extremely long process that the matter has only just received the green light in the United States.

ECG measurement with the Venu 2 Plus (source: Garmin) [+]

The Food and Drug Administration has given its blessing to the model-independent ECG watch application, and the Venu 2 Plus is the first Garmin watch that, with a software update and the installation of the app, can perform the half-minute measurement by touching the frame with two fingers. In any case, not only the metal frame, but also a narrow metal ring on the other side is connected to the electrode so that the measurement takes place and the software can detect the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. However, this watch cannot indicate a heart attack either, but it can be useful to export the measurement in PDF so that the wearer can easily share it with their doctor. For now, of course, only in the USA, where the license is available and the application can be installed, but Garmin is probably working on it in Europe as well.



It is fair to ask that if the EKG app has been made available and a mid-range Venu can already be used depending on the region, will the newer and more expensive Epix Gen 2 or Fenix ​​7 also have such capabilities? The bad news is not delivered by the official communication, but by DC Rainmaker: there is no metal ring on the back of the top models, which would in principle be necessary for ECG measurement, which could thus be a privilege of future Garmin watches. This is unfortunate because the Epix and Fenix ​​are not expected to change generations for a while, and when the latest was released last year, the authorization of the ECG app was already in full swing.

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