Eat Food in one Game, Winterfest 2021 Challenge

Eating food in a single game is one of the challenges of the Fortnite Winter Festival version 2021. Find our tips to validate it.

A new set of challenges is available for Fortnite players for the holiday season. This is hardly surprising, considering that Epic Games always has an event at this time of year. For 2021, it is the return of the  Winter Festival and all that that implies. Every day, you will have to complete a small quest to obtain nice rewards. The ninth challenge of this holiday requires you to eat food in a single match.


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To complete this challenge, you are going to have to eat five food consumables in the same game, which casually can be quite difficult for several reasons. The first is that it is not necessarily easy to find and the second is that you may not necessarily be able to eat it if your life is at its peak. That’s why the easiest solution is to eat mushrooms, which give you a shield.

If you want to find some for sure, we can advise you to head to the Nutcracker chalet, where several are normally found in the area (see on our map below). A dozen seems to be available during each game, which will be more than enough to validate the challenge.
Otherwise, if you prefer to eat regular food, like cabbage, apples or corn, here is a small map where you will find crates of vegetables.

Completing this challenge, where you will have to eat food five times in the same game, will allow you to recover 18,000 XP for your seasonal progress. Do not forget either to go to unlock your daily gift in the chalet.


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