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Easter: trick to change the WhatsApp icon for a purple cross

Thousands of users of WhatsAppespecially those with Android mobile phoneswere surprised to learn that the instant messaging applications have many secrets, going viral in the social media, They allow you to personalize your smartphone every month.


For example, a trick has now become known for change the classic green WhatsApp logo to a symbol that shows a purple cross. Next, TechMarkup explains in detail how to do it.

This is how you can change the WhatsApp icon for a cross for Easter


Before starting to mention the step by step, it is necessary to download the image which will use the new WhatsApp icon.

can be searched ‘Latin Cross Emoji’ in Google Chrome either Safari, and choose the one you like the most. It should be remembered that for this trick to look better visually, it must have a transparent background; namely, in PNG format.


If you can’t find the emoji with a transparent background or one that you’ve downloaded in other formats like JPG or GIF, don’t worry. There is an app called picsart that allows you to erase the background of any image totally free, and super easy to do. Now yes, the step by step:

1. The first thing is to enter google play.

2. Next, the app called Nova Launcher. You can install it directly via this link.


3. Then open the app and set up the display style of your mobile launcher.

4. When you are done, now you must press the WhatsApp icon for two seconds.

5. A window will appear allowing you to modify the name and logo.

6. Click on the icon WhatsAppThen in Applicationsfollowed by Photos and now you have to select the photo of the cross.

7. That would be it. Now you just have to save changes and you will see that the traditional WhatsApp icon will be replaced. Instead it will have a pink or red heart icon.

If it is not finished convincing the appearance of the smartphoneyou just have to uninstall Nova Launcher and everything will be back to normal.

Last but not least, Nova Launcher it not only allows you to change the icon of your saved images. You can also change the name of the application.

Homer Simpson can notify when there is a new message on WhatsApp, these are the steps

First it is necessary Download Homer Simpson audio in MP3 format. To find the audio in Youtube we have to go to this link. It should be noted that the link is one of the many audios that can be found from Homer on the platform.

Even, you can use the voice of Bart Simpson.

In addition, to download it on the smartphone you could use the various pages that download music from this portal, it is only necessary to paste the link and choose the format.

Also, it is recommended to use applications like snaptubewhich is available at Play Storethe virtual store that is present in all Android.

Now yes, it is time to configure the sound of Homer as a WhatsApp message tone

1. Once you have downloaded the homer simpson audio, anger WhatsApp and touch the icon three points located in the upper right corner.

2. Select the option of Setting and later Notifications.

3. Enter the option notification tone and by default the ringtone will appear.

4. Go to the end and you will find the option Add ringtone.

5. Touch it and search for Homer Simpson MP3 audio which was downloaded from YouTube, and voila.

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