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Easter: Free game applications for children to learn while having fun

They have already arrived Easter holidays, many have their children at home and probably do not leave home due to the risk of contracting COVID-19, especially minors who have not been vaccinated against the disease. To help them don’t get bored they can install some apps on the mobile device.


The technology has already proven to be ally for learning and entertainment. The applications provide a wide variety of options for children and even teenagers to have a good time while they play and learn. In addition, while they are entertained, adults can take the opportunity to carry out pending work or housework.

The best way for a minor to be entertained is through games. For this, it is not necessary to go to titles that can be violent or inappropriate thanks to the fact that there are several educational titles.


It is called gamification to the practice of making educational video games. This is a model that has been used on many occasions and has shown to be effective for boys and girls have fun while reviewing school subjects.

In the app stores there are several gamification apps that can be used during these holidays or even on later weekends, when the child has free time.


1.- Mathematical Oracle

It is a free android appavailable in the Play Store Google, where elementary school children can play while reviewing their math classes.

It is set in a medieval universe, with legendary charactersin which through adventures the little ones must solve mental math problems, geometry, math comprehension, geometric figures and, in some episodes, world history.


As they progress, they accumulate points, climb levels and receive prizes such as powers and abilities as they experience the game.

2.- Lego Duplo Marvel

This app is focused on younger children. It consists of various activities in the form of a game where Spider-Man, Captain America and more, through simulated adventures they teach to “save the day” with good deeds like saving a cat or wash the dishes.

Likewise, this game helps the minor to develop his imagination and skillssince with the simulation games with heroes, you can build environments with the Lego bricks, you can also solve problems with puzzles, among other gamification activities.

3.- Pokémon Playhouse

Although this title is not completely focused on learning or revising a school subject, it serves as entertainment, helping minors to interact and learn some responsibility. It is focused on children up to five years of age.

In this game, girls and boys can interact with all kinds of Pokémon while exploring different locations, including a garden and a dining room. Within each one there are activities where they can take care of a Pokémon or look at the stars to identify a Pokémon among them.

When the minor starts the game, he is given a Pokémon egg that he must take care of, as he completes the activities of the House it will hatch.

4.- Edmodo

This free application is focused so that teachers and students are connected. It is like an educational social network, since prizes can be assigned to students. There are challenges and exercises where students receive badges for their efforts.

5.- Lingokids

This app is for learn the basics of english. It is entertaining and dynamic with which boys and girls can review or learn new words that will be of great help to them in the future to speak the language. It is free to download.


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