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Ear is working hard (2)

Ear is working hard (2)


On March 22, the Ear (2), which is basically similar to the Ear (1) will be officially presented. For now, it seems that only minor differences distinguish the two devices, but the change in the location of the microphones will probably affect the quality of the active noise cancellation, for example. And that’s the philosophy behind it “what’s not bad, don’t fix it”, OneLeaks knows, this will be the explanation for the minimal appearance changes.

So we mainly expect software innovations, for which 700 experts are now responsible. This is 30% more human resources compared to the number of people working on the first generation, and the Ears were tested on 52% more devices than the Ear (1), which means 120 different models. In the Nothing Twitter stream, he talked about the circumstances of the development and the fact that the new audio device is already LHDC 5.0 (Low Latency HD Audio Codec), it comes with a set of codecs that support high-resolution transmission, and Spotify has also been asked to update the available content.

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