EA Sports FC 24: video details news and changes in Ultimate Team mode

A Electronic Arts released this Wednesday (9) more news of EA Sports FC 24, the next generation of the studio’s football simulator and the first after the end of the license with FIFA.

The new video dissects the main novelties of the Ultimate Team modein which players build teams from scratch with “cards” that represent players from any club licensed by the game.

This is one of the most popular formats in the franchise for a few years now – and also the one that brings the most constant revenue to the developer throughout the season.

One of the main innovations is the inclusion of women’s football in Ultimate Team. From now on, men and women can compete in the same hybrid teamwhich means that it is possible to add Brazilian superstars, such as Martato work alongside athletes such as Vini Jr. It is Neymar.

These athletes will have shared chemistry with men’s soccer players, whether by league or team (like the orlando city and the Orlando Pride, for example). Furthermore, IDOLS It is Women’s soccer heroes will be added to Ultimate Team, with more details on who will be joining these special packs promised in the near future.

Athletes evolutions

Another new addition is Ultimate Team Evolutions, which allows you to “evolve” athletes and customize cards based on challenges. In this way, even players of low general level can develop and become the star of a team.

These upgrades will be performed if you fulfill certain objectives with the player, improving pre-configured attributes. This means that the same card can have different improvements, depending on what each person chooses to improve between kicking, passing or defending skills, alternative positions and using the weaker foot, for example.

More changes to Ultimate Team

In addition to the new look, which makes minor changes to menus, rosters, and pack reveal, EA Sports has confirmed that Squad Battles goes from 6 minutes to 4 minutes for time.

Furthermore, the item position modification consumable has been removed: Players who tend to occupy multiple places on the field will naturally be able to be used in other roles.

To the PlayStyleswhich are the ways of playing with certain athletes, will be present in Ultimate Team as an extra capacity of well-known figures, already including female soccer stars.

Finally, the objective menus and until main page have been modified, better organizing your favorite options and facilitating access to the most used game modes.

EA Sports FC 24

In previous videos, the developer has already detailed what the Career Mode and Game Day experience will be like in the game. Already on pre-order with bonuses in the standard and Deluxe editions, the title will be released in September 29th from 2023 with versions for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Source: EA Sports

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