E3 2022 cancelled: organizers announce that there will be no online version like last year

The coronavirus has affected many industries, such as sports, entertainment and even video games . At the beginning of the pandemic, the ESA company made the decision to organize an online conference on Twitch and YouTube to present the following games that will be released in the year to replace E3 .


Earlier this year, it was announced that E3 2022 would repeat the formula due to the increase in infections from the Delta and Omicrom variants. The development companies would be present at the event but only with pre-recorded conferences or without an audience.

However, recently Will Powers, Razer’s public relations officer, confirmed that the virtual edition was also cancelled.


The IGN medium confirmed the information through its sources. “Discussions about E3 had been tense throughout the year, and the third parties normally involved found the continued silence of the ESA regarding its plans frustrating,” they explain on their website.

The question that many gamers have in mind is whether the companies will hold online events to present their next games of the year. Let’s remember that Sony separated from E3 to have its own conference called State of Play.


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