Dystopias and romances with Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed, trailer for ‘This is going to hurt’

Let’s imagine that in a future, not too distant, A test allows us to know if the person we like is the ideal partner, the love of our life. In this context, Anna (Jessie Buckley), a young woman who has taken the definitive test and has found in Ryan (Jeremy Allen White) to your perfect better half. Or at least that’s what she believes.

Her conviction will be shattered when she goes to work at the so-called Institute of Love and there she meets another man, Amir (Riz Ahmed) to which she will also feel irremediably attracted. A three-way love triangle begins here This is going to hurt (Fingernails)a dystopian romance and science fiction proposal directed by the Greek Christos Nikou.

Assistant director on films such as Before nightfall by Richard Linklater or Canine from his compatriot Yorgos Lanthimos, and making his directorial debut in 2020 with ApplesNikou gives him a tone tragicomic and also disconcerting to its history. A production of the independent companies FilmNation Entertainment and Dirty Films that has been acquired by Apple for distribution.

It is also one of the titles in the official section of the San Sebastián Festival that competes for the Golden Shell in this edition, and its premiere on the platform streaming Apple TV+ is set for November 3.

And although it is still in the original version in English, We can now take a look at its trailer in which, as a curiosity, we will also see Anna, a hopeless romantic, attending screenings of romantic comedies starring Hugh grant. Love will be everywhere, but it is difficult to know where and which one will be true. And definitely, There doesn’t seem to be any valid formula to know.

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