The announcement of the return of dwayne johnson to the franchise fast & furious has surprised the fandom. The American actor announced through a statement his return as Luke Hobbsafter his last appearance [se viene spoiler] in an unexpected cameo in Fast & Furious X.

“Last summer, Vin [Diesel] and I leave all the past behind. We will lead with brotherhood and determination. We will always take care of the franchise, the characters and the fans we love.”Johnson has confessed along with the statements of his return to Fast & Furious.

In the video shared by the actor, Johnson confesses that “Despite our differences, we’ve been like brothers for years.”

A way to settle the controversy once and for all, after the American had even gone so far as to point out that the problem stemmed from the fact that they were “totally opposite” and even accused his co-star of being “manipulative”.

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel
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The reason for the fight between Dwyane Johnson and Vin Diesel

The relationship between Diesel and Johnson was twisted in 2016after filming fast & furious 8. Some recordings that dynamited some controversial statements by Johnson on his social networks. “There is no other franchise that makes my blood boil more than this one.. My female co-stars are always amazing and I love them. However, my male co-stars are a different story,” the actor said at the time.

The man in the shoes of Hobbs influenced criticism of the male cast of the saga, even going so far as to say words that the public liked very little, with the use of words like candy assa derogatory term that would come to mean something like “sissy”.

Since then, the escalation of tension between the two caused Johnson to refuse to continue participating in the action saga headed by Diesel. Something that he would end up regretting.

The Johnson’s first appearance in the Fastest and Furious franchise came in 2011the year in which it came to movie theaters fast & furious 5 . A title that once again featured Vin Diesel and Paul Walker as protagonists, before the death in 2013 of the actor who played Brian O’Conner.

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